Remembering Joanne Linville: A Trailblazer for Women in Film and TV

Remembering Joanne Linville: A Trailblazer for Women in Film and TV

Remembering Joanne Linville: A Trailblazer for Women in Film and TV

A Legacy to Remember: Joanne Linville’s Impact on Film and TV

The list of names to pay tribute to continues to grow as Joanne Linville passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy that many might not fully remember, but is very easy to be impressed by. From TV to movies, Joanne was well-known for her talent and her dedication to her craft as she was one of the many that saw the business change over the course of her career. Her ability to adapt and evolve with the business was well noted since much like her peers she had to find a way to stay relevant throughout the years, evolving with the business as it continued to grow and expand. Many actors didn’t always make the transition so easy and nearly lost out, while some faded and couldn’t keep up with the shifting trends and continual need for change. Joanne was one of those that hung in there and continued to give everything she had to the craft, showing up in TV shows and movies over the years as her career continued to move forward. It’s accurate to say that many people today won’t remember her contributions either because they were too young when she was still in her prime or they weren’t born yet when her career was nearing its end.

Joanne retired for the first time in 2005 but did come back for a one-time gig for a role on Starship Excelsior in 2016. One could possibly say that thanks to her involvement with the franchise so long ago that they wanted to bring her back for reasons that only superfans and those in charge might know. But after this, Joanne slipped back into retirement again, no doubt satisfied with what she’d done in her life, as she should have been. One has to admit that decades ago female actors were still impressive but weren’t nearly as respected at times unless they went above and beyond with their act and gave people the image of a tough and unbreakable character, or someone that was equally impressive even if she wasn’t quite as stoic. Things have changed in a big way over the years and one has to wonder what Joanne thought about the business by the time she retired, and perhaps hope that she liked what she saw as women have taken on much stronger roles over the years.

Joanne Linville: A Trailblazer for Women in the Industry

Looking back at her career and her time in the business it’s easy to think that like many other women she helped this to come about since as it happened with many female actors, Joanne was often someone that could be relied upon to put in a very strong and meaningful performance. While she wasn’t always forceful and as commanding as some of the women that are dominating show business today, she and many other women set the groundwork for this trend to emerge throughout the years and it’s only polite to acknowledge as much and say ‘thank you’ to show some sense of gratitude. Some might argue against the overbearing ideas that women don’t need men and blah, blah, blah, as it pertains to the film industry, but Joanne helped to contribute to the growing idea that it wasn’t about strong women overcoming men, but instead showing that they could be just as effective in various roles as men could. Equality, in other words, might not have always been possible, but it was a change that women like Joanne helped to foster during their time in the business.

Joanne Linville: Actress, Teacher, and Inspiration

Not only that, but Joanne was passionate about helping others to tighten and hone their craft as well, proving that she wasn’t just an actress, but a teacher in her own way as she wrote a book to help others figure out what acting was all about. This woman lived a good portion of her life on screen and was one of those that might very well be forgotten in the years to come, which is a shame since she did quite a bit in her time as a star. But as it’s been witnessed with many of those that began their career so long ago, their work has continued to lay the foundation for those that have come after and will continue to stand as examples of how the current generation has been given a chance to improve the craft.

Joanne Linville spent a good deal of her life in front of the camera and as a result, one should hope that she’ll be remembered by those that watched her while growing up, since her career and her life are both examples to those that will come later of what it means to be a part of the business. Many of those within Joanne’s generation have been laid to rest, and it’s important to remember them fondly as we say goodbye. Rest in peace ma’am, you’ll be missed.

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