Red Hulk is Reportedly Going to Make an Appearance in the MCU

Red Hulk is Reportedly Going to Make an Appearance in the MCU

Red Hulk is Reportedly Going to Make an Appearance in the MCU

There have been debates over who is more powerful in the Marvel universe, Red Hulk or the original Hulk, and a lot of people are still willing to sit down and have this debate since it is an interesting one that brings up a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios. But according to D.J. Rivera of We Got This Covered, the Red Hulk will be making his debut in the MCU at some point, we just don’t know where yet. The one thing that makes this great is that Red Hulk is a product of a serum just as a few other characters have been, but his drive and his intellect are still intact and as a result he has a serious hate-on for Hulk given that in his human form he’s none other than Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, the one man that has hated Bruce Banner and the Hulk for years now with a passion that never appears to dissipate and has enabled him to take the kind of measures that might sound a little crazy to most people when it comes to finally topping the green goliath. Whether he’ll show up in the upcoming She-Hulk movie, in a post credits scene for Black Widow, or on the big screen first is hard to say, but it does feel as though it would be better if he were to show up in a TV series or small role to start with in order to get people interested and get them talking. It would also be great to see William Hurt take on the role once again in order to keep continuity in the MCU as he continues his vendetta against Bruce Banner.

The Red Hulk vs Hulk encounter is basically a grudge match in which Ross has finally found common ground with his enemy and the means to pummel him into oblivion if he’s lucky enough. Many have argued that since Red Hulk feeds off of radiation, gamma included, that his strength is bound to be greater than Hulk’s since he might actually be able to drain the jade giant. What they fail to realize is that Hulk is emitting gamma radiation on a passive scale, meaning that he hardly even knows he’s doing it, almost like we don’t realize that we’re emitting carbon dioxide with each breath so long as we’re out in the open. This then opens up the argument that leads back to the old belief that the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Where Red Hulk is flawed is that as he continues to absorb energy his body heat increases, and Hulk managed to figure this out at one point as he allowed Ross to hammer on him until his body heat became so great that he was eventually unbalanced and couldn’t focus, allowing Banner to finally lower the boom on the general. Tamara June of Screenrant has more on Red Hulk if you’re interested.

In terms of combat experience, Red Hulk with the mind of General Ross still has an advantage on Hulk since he’s a trained soldier and an expert fighter, whereas Hulk has almost always been a bruiser given that Bruce Banner never really took any advanced combat training unlike the movie showed in 2008 with Edward Norton. That wasn’t even enough to defend him against a trio of low-class thugs that wanted a little payback. But World War Hulk on the other hand does have combat experience, though he’s still a slugger more than anything, a bruiser that relies on his strength more than his intelligence. Then again though, reading the World War Hulk comics one could argue that he picked up a few moves along the way that his intelligent mind could make use of since he did render Wolverine unconscious, which is still a feat in and of itself, and he did take on the X-Men, young and old, before taking on the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and pretty much anyone that stood in his path. So Red Hulk’s combat experience is a great advantage but it’s not quite enough to keep him on the right side of the battle for long since Hulk’s absolute rage is usually enough to keep him going for a while, especially considering that someone such as Ross can get him angrier than most can.

To see these two titans in the same movie, or on the same show, would be nothing short of amazing as one would almost expect their TV to shake once they lock up. But whether we’re going to see that or not is hard to say since there have been rumors that the Hulk might be done at some point apart from cameos and an occasional appearance. Whether that’s true or not is a matter of rumor, but the hope is that one of these days we’ll get to see Ross and Banner tear it up and deliver a truly bone-rattling slugfest of epic proportions.

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