Red Hood vs. Batman Looks Pretty Intense

Red Hood vs. Batman Looks Pretty Intense

Season three of the Red Hood fan series is here and the clip above features a scene between none other than the dark knight of Gotham and his wayward, former sidekick Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood. Already one can tell that the production value of this series is starting to rise as it’s seen that the filming and the effects are improving with each season and the choreography is even getting better as things go along. That’s not to say that it wasn’t any good, to begin with, but the truth is that as some projects progress they either get better or they sloppy due to a lack of interest in the continuation of the project or something else that ends up messing with the overall integrity of the show. There’s none of that that to be seen with the Red Hood series as this first episode is already looking up as Batman hits the scene, no doubt to the excitement of many fans. However it is enough to note that this moment is taking place following the events of Under the Red Hood, so one might need to brush up on the storyline in order to avoid being confused. Likely more people will simply be excited to see the Red Hood and Batman square off again, even though a lot of fans of the series and of DC can probably guess just how it’s going to go. 

One might want to think that Jason would be able to find some way to trump Bruce in a fight, but they would then be discounting the fact that Batman really doesn’t do much other than occasionally show himself as Bruce Wayne before getting back into the relentless training regimen that keeps him so inordinately tough and yet so horribly alone. One would also think that Jason would be able to emulate this after a while despite not having the humongous budget that Bruce has to play with, but obviously, that’s not the case. The Red Hood is tough and absolutely ruthless, which is likely why a lot of people might think that he might have an edge on Batman, but the dark knight tends to have a counter for just about everything that anyone can throw at him since he plans tirelessly to come up with any and all possible plans to nullify any advantage an opponent might have. This would include simply being tougher and a better fighter than Jason, who is alarmingly still pretty weak when compared to Bruce, who taught and trained Jason in the past, and yet somehow didn’t train him well enough since otherwise, the Red Hood might never have existed. 

This one fight isn’t likely to change much, but it’s enough to watch the two vigilantes going at one another when the truth is that they both have questionable methods when it comes to fighting crime, but Batman has the high ground, barely, because he often refuses to kill. Has anyone ever thought that this rule should be rescinded a time or two, just to keep some of the most dangerous villains from ever escaping custody to do the same things they always do, which is cause anarchy and chaos? It almost makes a person think that Batman’s sense of justice is skewed a bit and that he might actually be looking forward to the villains escaping now and then since it gives him something to do. In this matter Jason is a little more practical since he likely thinks that villains are going to be villains, there’s little to no rehabilitation to be found in jails, and since the bad guys went so far in the first place it’s hard to think that they would be able to sit in a circle and admit what they did before breaking down and swearing never to do it again. By dispensing justice in the form of execution for some criminals it does feel as though it’s not only justified but that sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Think of it, deal with one villain during one encounter, or deal with two or more villains that have escaped since they were incarcerated instead of executed. It’s a harsh and very hard concept to grasp for a lot of people, but it does make a brutal sort of sense. 

In this manner, it almost feels that Red Hood is a little more effective than Batman, but of course, given how his parents died, the dark knight’s own sense of justice doesn’t necessarily allow him to simply go nuts on the villains, even though he’s done a few controversial things in his time. Batman taking on the Red Hood almost feels like a hypocritical battle to say the least, but as anyone can guess, it’s only bound to end one way. 

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