The Real Reason the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Had a Beef With Each Other

The Real Reason the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Had a Beef With Each Other

Apparently the real reason why NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys had a problem with each other back in the day had more to do with the snafu between AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC. It happened when Kirkpatrick quit a relationship with a girl he’d been dating and then found out she’d started dating AJ McLean. That might have been well and fine on its own since nothing would have really come of it, but it sounds like McLean was talking smack about Kirkpatrick to this woman and as a result Kirkpatrick wanted a piece of McLean not too long after. Of course like all confrontations between celebrities when the cameras are on it’s going to get a lot more hectic and it’s liable that they’re going to fight more. But the two actually settled things over a beer and called it good eventually.

Aside from that the two groups didn’t hate each other really, but there was a healthy respect for each other that made them a bit competitive and might have made it seem as though they were continually spiteful towards one another. It didn’t matter really since many fans loved both groups and would never differentiate since they both had a great run. After all both groups were comprised of young men that the girls went gaga over and voices that made people melt when they listened to the music. For those of us that weren’t similarly affected they became pretty much the same thing over and over, a repetition of love songs that got kind of old after a while but were popular since they targeted young women of all ages that would flock to their concerts. There were of course men that did enjoy the music from both bands but getting guys to admit to this was rare and didn’t seem to be the going trend.

In fact if there was an ounce of animosity between these groups and anyone it would be more relevant to cite rapper Eminem’s utter disregard and disrespect in his lyrics for boy bands in general. during their day boy bands were extremely popular and topped the charts repeatedly, but when performers like Eminem came on the scene it was time to stand up and pay attention because his words came fast, hard, and were aimed at just about anyone whose time had come. Plus, the worst enemy that either boy band had to deal with wasn’t each other or even another performer, it was time. They had a definite shelf life that expired the moment they started getting older. The more they aged the less their fans stuck around and eventually they became known more for their previous hits than anything else. In fact there’s only one individual from NSYNC that really cashed in on doing anything great, and even he is starting to fade ever so slightly as time continues to wear on.

Justin Timberlake is about the only real success story that came out of either group, and to date he’s the most famous out of any of them. That’s one point that can’t be denied by either band.

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