5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs
5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

Credit: United Plankton Pictures

Eugene Harold Krabs, or as everyone calls him, Mr. Krabs, is one of the main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants. This American Animated series is 13 seasons old and is on its way to turning 14. The show is top-rated and admired by children and adults alike. Unfortunately, the immense hate parallels the love everyone has for this sea tale for this one character voiced by Clancy Brown. That’s right, Mr. Krabs! 

He owns the ever-thriving Krusty Krabs, a go-to restaurant in Bikini Bottom. Its success lies in the secretive Krabby Patty formula Plankton is always trying to get his hands on. Krabs lives in a hollow anchor and even has a daughter named Pearl, a sperm whale in her teens. This red crab is one of the characters who bring this show to life. Well, either in a good or a wrong way is a matter of debate.

Here are a few reasons he is immensely disliked in the fandom, although the list could probably go on until the following season. 

1. Greed might be Mr. Krabs’ middle name

5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

Credit: United Plankton Pictures

Mr. Krabs represents a highly eccentric businessman who cares nothing but his money. However, Mr. Krabs indeed takes these stereotypes to new heights. This is not even a stretch. Mr. Krabs has gone as far as billing Spongebob and Squidward for breathtaking and existing! Furthermore, when he started the Krabby Kronicle, he started publishing embarrassing stories to juice out some extra dollars from those stories.

There are several other instances throughout the series where his greed takes over his morals. However, the fanbase resents this particular quality of his, amongst the other evident flaws he has.

2. Does not Care for His Employees 

5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

Credit: United Plankton Pictures

The greedy owner has no motivation besides money. In his dollar bill madness, he seems to care for no one, not even his employees. Krabs is often seen invalidating the fundamental rights of Spongebob and Squidward. In one episode, he goes as far as keeping the restaurant open for 24 hours. This goes on for 43 days, clearly showcasing Krab’s lack of empathy for those around him. 

In one of the episodes where Patrick starts working for Mr. Krabs, Spongebob reveals that he paid Mr. Krabs when he started working there. This undoubtedly is the most toxic work environment one can provide.

3. He has No Morals When it Comes to Money 

5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

Credit: United Plankton Pictures

Or maybe he has none at all. Mr. Krabs can be seen involved in many illegal activities, some of which he was even arrested for or could be. One time he even sold Spongebob to Davy Jones for mere 62 cents! This even had Squidward enraged, but remorse is something the selfish Krabs don’t know.

4. Treats his Customers Poorly

5 Reasons Why People Hate Mr. Krabs

Credit: United Plankton Pictures

He wouldn’t let SpongeBob dispose of an old Krabby Patties. In one scene, he forces the naïve chef to serve it to a customer, who later falls sick. It clearly shows how little Krabs is concerned about the hygienic conditions of his restaurant. One time a customer walks in saying, “Rev up those fryers, cause I am sure hungry for one-” but before he can finish the sentence, Mr. Krabs meets him out of the restaurant. On top of that, he bled his customer’s wallet as much as possible. 

5. He almost KILLED Squidward! 

You read it right. You might already be aware of this infamous, bizarre scene. Mr.Krabs was after the life of his employee, Squidward, this time. Could you believe someone might try to kill for paintings to make more money? Because Mr.Krabs sure thinks that way. He believed that art isn’t that valuable but later learned that it can indeed appreciate, once the artist is that dead. Naturally, this made him go full ballistic on Squidward.

It is no surprise that this money-obsessed creature is not a fan favorite.

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