Power Book II: Will Tariq Be A Better King Pin Than Ghost?

Power Book II: Will Tariq Be A Better King Pin Than Ghost?

Power Book II: Will Tariq Be A Better King Pin Than Ghost?

Unlike his father Tariq was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and not on the gritty streets of New York where the only option a poor black kid had was to play ball or sell drugs. Tariq had the world in his hands, his parents money afforded him any opportunity in the world, yet he choose to become a a drug dealer. But not just any drug dealer a king pin. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The fact that Tariq has chosen the same profession as his dad makes you wonder if he’ll also eventually share his same fate. Or Will Tariq be a better king pin than his deceased pops? Check out these 5 reasons why he just might end becoming more powerful than his dad ever was.

1. Tariq Is More Manipulative

Tariq has everyone fooled. His teachers believe that he is just a boy who doesn’t have a fair shot in life because of the sins of his parents and the girl that he likes thinks he’s this cool innocent dude. Unlike his father Tariq is able to navigate the criminal underworld and the world of the upright citizens with ease. No one would expect that this smart kid from the suburbs has actually taken lives. For the most part he even has the cops fooled. At one point his mother takes him to give a statement regarding Proctor’s murder and Tariq is able to turn on the waterworks like a pro. Tariq’s ability to manipulate those around him scares Tasha.

2. Tariq knows how to control his emotions

Ghosts sociopathic ways and inability to control his emotions at times put him positions that he didn’t have to be in. For instance, when he found out that Tasha was dating her lawyer he became angry and killed Terry Silver. This made no sense. After cheating on Tasha and deciding to pursue a relationship with Angela he doesn’t have a right to meddle in Tasha’s love life especially since he does t have any feelings for her anymore. His jealously drove him to commit such an unnecessary murder.

3. Tariq isn’t distracted by women

Ghost’s relationship with Angela was his downfall. Angela was a cop. Cops and drug dealers just don’t mix. When Ghost reconnected with Angela it ultimately led to the discovery of his criminal enterprise and his street identity. Tariq is not like his father in this aspect. Although Tariq has two love interests in Power Book II he keeps them at arm length. He knows that he has a lot of work to do and he’s determined to get his mother out of jail. This requires his full attention  which is why he isn’t invested much in building a relationship with Lauren or Diana.

4. Tariq has his mother’s support

Whats a man without the support if the woman in his life. At first Tasha was hesitant  to support Tariq being involved in this dangerous lifestyle but she realized it’s in his blood and that he’s going to do what he wants anyway. Tasha knows the game just as much as Ghost did. She teaches Tariq how to move, how to clean cash and most important how to stay safe and out of jail. These lessons are invaluable.  Tasha also has unconditional love for her son which Ghost lost when he lied and cheated. Therefore, she’s going to do everything in her power to keep Tariq safe even if that means taking the wrap for Ghost murder. There’s nothing like a mom’s love for her son.

5.  He doesn’t get close to people

Tariq has managed to keep a wall up between him and Brayden. Brayden his roommate and right-hand man. Although he cares for Brayden he tells him things on a need to know basis. He keeps Brayden around to help generate money for his drug business but he keeps him in the dark about the plug and what he’s really going through with his mom. Ghost and Tommy were best friends. When things went bad between them it threatened everything they worked for and nearly tore them apart. Tariq is free of such attachments which means he’ll never have to worry about someone’s loyalty.

6.  Tariq is patient and smart

Ghost wasn’t a dummy but Tariq has the kind of smarts that has been cultivated through books and other worldly experience that Ghost wasn’t privy too while growing up. One of the smartest and most patient things that Tariq has ever done was letting Effie’s guilt score him free product to sell and make money of off. He finally was able to outsmart her at her own game. On the other hand, Ghost was always too impatient and this contributes to his downfall.

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