Discover the Untamed Beauty of America in ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’

Discover the Untamed Beauty of America in ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’

Discover the Untamed Beauty of America in ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’

BBC America has long been a trailblazer in the realm of natural history programming, with its flagship series ‘Planet Earth II’ earning a staggering ten Emmy Award nominations. Now, the network is taking viewers on a new adventure with its three-part documentary series, ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’. Launched on August 19, 2017, this captivating series explores the breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife of America’s untamed frontier.

Embark on a Three-Part Journey Through America’s Wild West

The first episode, ‘Desert Heartlands’, transports viewers to the arid expanses of Nevada, Arizona, and California. The second installment, ‘The High Country’, ventures into the extreme environments of the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada. Finally, ‘Restless Shores’ explores the diverse coastlines of America and the myriad wildlife that call these habitats home.

Encounter the Remarkable Wildlife of America’s Frontier

Nature enthusiasts will be enthralled by the incredible creatures featured in this series, including the majestic blue whale, the elusive Mustang, the nimble hummingbird, the formidable black bear, and the cunning coyote. The program delves into the lives of these animals, examining their survival strategies and behaviors in their respective environments. Viewers will gain insight into the complex social dynamics and mating rituals of these captivating species.

Experience the Diverse Landscapes of the Wild West

The series showcases the stunning variety of landscapes found in the Wild West, from parched deserts to rugged mountain ranges and the breathtaking coastlines that stretch across America. This is a unique opportunity to witness some of the most awe-inspiring vistas in the country and learn about the distinct ecosystems that thrive in these environments.

Meet the People Who Call America’s Wild West Home

In a departure from traditional natural history documentaries, ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’ also delves into the lives of the people who inhabit these extreme environments. Each episode explores the challenges faced by these communities and how they have adapted over time. The series features a diverse cast of Americans, including outlaws, tricksters, and pioneers, and offers glimpses into the cave art of Native Americans and the ghost towns of yesteryear’s pioneers.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Planet Earth: Wild West’

James Norton lends his voice as the narrator, guiding viewers through this enthralling journey. Produced by BBC Studios, the series is helmed by Patrick Morris as the series producer and Emmy Award-winner Michael Gunton as the executive producer. In the lead-up to each new episode, viewers can also enjoy a retrospective of previous ‘Planet Earth’ programs, with one episode airing each week, including ‘Planet Earth II’, ‘Planet Earth’, and ‘Wild Alaska’.

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