Perhaps It’s Time for a Nanny McPhee Reboot?

Perhaps It’s Time for a Nanny McPhee Reboot?

One has to wonder how this movie would be received today, but it’s worth thinking about at least. The original movie was something that a lot of people happened to enjoy since Emma Thompson’s initial appearance was absolutely hideous, but with each lesson the children learned she grew a little more beautiful as they came to understand what it was like to help their single father and to create a home worth living in. It feels as though it shouldn’t even need to be a consideration, but with people getting offended by every other thing these days, it feels likely that someone would have something to say about this, either due to Nanny McPhee’s initial appearance and how she eventually turns out or about anything in particular about this story. For all anyone knows, someone could take issue with the idea of British nannies being able to solve everything through magic and other means that don’t appear as kosher as they’d like them to be. The story is one that should be above reproach really since, for all the outrage and controversy that people love to talk about, Nanny McPhee is pretty innocent by comparison to a lot of movies that have come out in the current day.

The whole story of Nanny McPhee is one that might actually be needed in this day and age since it’s not simply about being obedient, it’s about learning and about taking responsibility for one’s actions. If the movie were ever to be remade though, and it’s probably not being ruled out, it’s fair to think that the cast would be entirely different, which could change the look of the movie in a big way depending on who was selected to play which role. The titular character would need to be the most important after all since Emma Thompson did a very good job and was very memorable to those that have seen the movie and enjoyed it.

A remake would almost certainly need to be set in the same location, roughly speaking, and it’s fair to say that unless a filmmaker was willing to go back to the same time period that it would include a few updates that might make it a little more palatable for today’s audience. As one of the many movies that were made in the 2000s, Nanny McPhee isn’t that old, but it’s just old enough that people might be thinking that it could be time for a reboot, especially since this is the current trend that has yet to die out. It might be that giving this movie another 5 to 10 years might be wise before rebooting it, but then again, people don’t like to wait for things these days, even when there’s no other choice. There have been talks about a third movie over the years since a script was apparently written out, but nothing has surfaced yet obviously, and it almost sounds as though it won’t since if the next script wasn’t snapped up quickly it’s possible that the idea of Nanny McPhee has kind of soured at this point. That doesn’t feel accurate, but it’s not entirely wrong either it would appear.

Trying to argue for this movie to be remade would be a tricky proposition since messing with the original isn’t a huge desire that anyone is rushing to fulfill, but at the same time, it’s a movie with a great lesson to learn if people are willing to watch it. Such a dilemma is hard to figure out at just a glance, but perhaps this is why it should take a little longer than a short conversation as to why the movie should or shouldn’t happen since the upsides would be plenty but would still be fairly uncertain. Trying to bring back a character that some people remember and others didn’t experience at all is kind of iffy since the truth is that Nanny McPhee wasn’t exactly a household name when the movies came out. Because of this, it might be tough to get a lot of people on board with the idea, if only because it could be something that people weren’t expecting to see again, and might not want to embrace fully for their own reasons. In that case, it would be a tough sell, but if enough people remember the famed nanny it might be worth the time and effort.

Personally, this movie was a little goofy and kind of ridiculous, but this is from an adult’s standpoint. It’s still something that kids might enjoy and a family could sit down to watch on movie night. The lessons imparted in the movie are still sound and worth teaching and could be left in even if the movie was to receive an upgrade. It might not be the right time yet, but one can bet that someone has given this a little bit of thought at this point. Nanny McPhee

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