Are People Still Paying Full Price to Rent New Movies on Cable?

I’m a cable TV user.  I still like my cable.  Call me lazy.  Call me spoiled.   I haven’t yet succumbed to being a cable cutter.  I know that financially it makes sense but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  But there’s one area of Cable TV that boggles my mind.  Whenever a new movie comes out on cable you can “purchase” it i.e. rent it for a set amount of time.  But the prices of these rentals are enormous.  We’re talking over $10 in most cases and over $20 in others.   Pay-per-view events are different (even though those prices are a joke) because most of the time those are live events so it’s like buying a ticket to a show.

But why in the hell am I paying $14.95 to rent Star Wars: The Force Awakens (when it was newer) when there’s a Redbox around the corner from my house and it costs $3.o0?  And it’s not like Redbox is the only game in town.  DVD rentals are on a major decline so kiosks probably won’t be around much longer. But with all the options out there, are people THAT lazy that they’ll click the button on their remotes and spend over 300% more on movies?

The funny thing is that I’m the guy who can’t stand wasting my time at the grocery store to save money on pasta.  I couldn’t care less about $5 in savings when I look at the bigger picture.  But there are some areas in life where you just have to be a moron to purchase something for that much of a mark up.  Ordering a movie on television is such an area.

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