The Best They Ever Looked: Jessica Alba in “Sin City”

The Best They Ever Looked: Jessica Alba in “Sin City”

The Best They Ever Looked:  Jessica Alba in “Sin City”

When you’re talking about one of the most beautiful women out there, Jessica Alba is usually in the conversation.  So to pick out a time where she looked her absolute best in a film is a tough challenge.  However, once I looked back into her film library it hit me like a ton of bricks and the answer was completely obvious.  You needn’t look further than the movie Sin City to see Jessica Alba looking her best.

And it’s not because she’s an exotic dancer (although that certainly doesn’t hurt).   It’s because of who her character is.  It’s because of her vulnerability.  It’s also because of the amazing work of Robert Rodriguez.   In the scene where you first see her dancing in the bar images of when Salma Hayek appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn, who Rodriguez also directed, come to mind.

The black and white film, the music, the way Bruce Willis looks at her and narrates, all contribute to the mood and emotion of that scene.   Combine all of that and that’s why I think you have Jessica Alba looking her absolute best in a movie.

Check out the scene below:

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