Our Favorite Days of Our Lives Love Triangles

Our Favorite Days of Our Lives Love Triangles

Our Favorite Days of Our Lives Love Triangles

Days of Our Lives fans know a thing or two about love triangles, and we are a huge fan. While we don’t love them in the reality of real life, we do have a fond affinity for them on the soaps we’ve all known and loved for so long. Salem is nothing if not one big love triangle, too. And while we want to see some people together more than others, we do think that there is a big situation in some relationships in which we kind of love the triangle situation. Maybe we are crazy, but we do think that the writers have come up with some unique stories that have made us question a few things here and there. These are our favorite love triangles. Do you agree?

Brady, Eric, and Nicole

What we did love so much about this one was not that they were in this situation, but it was that they were always going to lose her no matter what. She was a woman who could not make up her mind even when her heart kept taking her back to Eric. We knew she was his all along, but she didn’t know it for a long time. There was too much history in their situation that she could live with, and it wasn’t something she was always comfortable with. But, we do know that she’s also a woman who has a lot to offer and a lot to live with. She was killed last year, but not without making sure that she took them down this road of hers one more time. We did appreciate that she exited her life on the show with her love for Eric intact, though. She had a last fling with Brady, but it was never really him she was looking to spend her life with. She left Eric and ruined a good thing so long ago, but she went out in the right aspect of her own life. We appreciated that very much.

Abigail, Gabi, and Chad

It’s hard when you have a young man who does have a very fond feeling in his heart for two women. Well, now we think that there is a good chance that this will never happen again thanks to all that Gabi spent the better part of the last year doing to them. But there was a lot of history around there. For one, he was with Gabi for a long time when they were growing up, but then he met and married Abigail when she had his baby. They were happy together, and then things happened. She was killed, and he was crushed. He didn’t know she was not really dead, and he eventually fell for Gabi again. When Abigail came home and saw that her husband had fallen for another woman, her life was over in her own mind. She married Gabi’s brother and let them have on another, but he ultimately realized that it was his wife he wanted to be with. It was not his ex. And that was that for him. He was done and over and it was all said and done and over in the meantime.

John, Roman, and Marlena

This love triangle was so good we weren’t even sure what was happening. She was with Roman for a while in the 80s and 90s, but he was killed. She was with John without even knowing it at that point when he came back to town as Roman with a new face. Do you follow? Everyone was all new with their faces and stuff, and we didn’t know who was who or what was what and what was going on at all. She wasn’t even sure who it was that she was with at the time, but it turned out that she was able to pick a man to spend her life with. That man was John Black, but we can say with some serious certainty that even that did not go well for them when they were together. They love one another, but it seems many people would rather not see them in a happy marriage with one another in their lives. And that’s all.

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