The Originals Review: Family Turns Foe

the originals
So soon after losing Cami, we’re already saying goodbye to another character who has been around since the beginning. Davina and Cami’s deaths will leave a gaping hole on The Originals as they both played particular roles in the supernatural ecosystem that is New Orleans.

Just like Hayley said of Cami, Davina Clare deserved much more in life than she ever got from the Mikaelsons and her death is no different. Freya did attempt to resurrect her but ultimately had to betray the trust of Kol and Marcel by sacrificing Davina in order to weaken and kill Lucien. The irony of Davina’s death being linked to Cami’s was not lost on Klaus. He knows Cami would be devastated if she knew the Mikaelsons’ revenge plan involved killing her friend. The fact that Klaus even recognizes how messed up this all was is a huge step in his own grieving process. I’ve already noticed a change in Klaus’ behavior mere hours after Cami’s death. He’s a lot more understanding as he explicitly squashes the plan to use Davina for their own good. He knew what would come from it, and he’s not in any place to be making even more enemies.

I especially loved Hayley and Klaus’ scenes as they were digging Rebekah up from the bayou for her protection. Hayley lost her husband this year but like Klaus even said to her, they both know the man she shares a real connection with is still breathing. Klaus hardcore ships Haylijah! Losing the love of his own life put a new perspective on Klaus’ outlook and he encourages Hayley to not waste any more time not being with Elijah. Any or all of them could be dead soon if the prophecy indeed comes true.

So far it seems like the prophecy is coming along exactly as predicted. Now that they Marcel’s trust and respect (a friend so close he was considered family) there’s already one third of the prophecy set up. One by family, one by friend, and one by foe. The only question remains which vampire will Marcel take on. It could be a real game changer if he turns on Rebekah since Klaus would be the obvious choice.

I’m very excited to see Marcel finally washing his hands of this entire family. He was completely right, he’s done everything for them yet at the end of the day, their revenge plan only looked out for themselves with no regard to an innocent girl’s soul being ripped apart by ancestral witches. Which by the way, those cemetery scenes with the ancestors attacking Davina were absolutely terrifying. What an awful way to die.

Lucien finally bit the dust as a basic vampire after Freya used Davina to channel the ancestral powers that would strip his super strength powers. It seemed like an underwhelming end for a character that turned into a monster lately, but such is life. With one OG 2.0 hybrid out of the way, the Mikaelsons don’t even know they have an entirely new threat if Marcel takes the rest of the serum Vincent saved.

How do you see the rest of this season playing out?

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