The One Argument That Trumps Anyone Who Whines about NBA Players Joining Superteams

The One Argument That Trumps Anyone Who Whines about NBA Players Joining Superteams

So now there’s talk that Lebron James is going to leave Cleveland for Los Angeles in 2018.  So what if he did?  So what?  Who cares?  People whine about the fact that Kevin Durant joined Golden State to form a super team.  I think people, even people like Charles Barkley forget to realize that even HE left Phoenix to join Houston to join Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon.  Was he doing that for his health?  Hell no.  He did it to chase a championship that had eluded him.  So let’s just cut out all this crap about having to stay loyal to a team and secure a “legacy.”

Kevin Durant’s “legacy” will be secure once Golden State wins and he gets finals MVP, period.   But in case you’re wondering why this pisses me off so much, I want you to think of yourselves.  If you have a job, any job, and you get a better job offer that pays you more money, puts you in a location you and your family would like more, and puts you around people you like better than the people around you now, wouldn’t you take it?  Of course you would!

So why the hell do we have to give NBA players so much crap for this?  Think about it.  Did Kevin Durant want to stay in Oklahoma?  Hell no!  It’s Oklahoma for Christ’s sake.  Stop thinking about basketball and think about life.  We only live this life once and I personally think that living the happiest and most fulfilling life possible is of the utmost importance.   You can never blame an NBA player for wanting that for themselves and their family.

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