Obviously We’re Showing You the Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer

Obviously We’re Showing You the Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer

So to point out the obvious, we’re showing you the latest Deadpool 2 trailer just because……well, just because. That’s awesome though, right? Look at the trailer and hope and pray that they’re not just showing you the best parts because if you remember the first movie that was the biggest worry, that they’d show all the good stuff and you’d walk out of the theater thinking that you wasted ten to eleven bucks on the ticket and another twenty on a Coke and popcorn. But so far it looks like we can possibly trust that they’re only giving us the juiciest tidbits so that our bellies are still growling for more this coming May when we finally get to dine on the whole chimichanga. Ah yes, maximum effort and all that good jazz.

And even better is that it seems as though, derivative as it might be, Deadpool is going to be forming X-Force, one of the more popular mutant teams in the 90’s but one of those that got ripped up and pieced back together after their initial run. It also appears that Deadpool and Cable aren’t going to be on the best of terms once they meet, which is par the course really since in the comics they could just barely stand each other when they weren’t trying to kill each other. Even better, Domino and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are going to be there, and it’s looking like Colossus might be back from some of the images, while a new mutant, no pun intended, might be Cable’s target. Of course when you pair the name ‘Cable’ with the word ‘target’ it leaves a lot of room for explanation since Cable isn’t really known to be that nice of a guy and target could mean someone he’s going to kill or someone he’s going to abduct for a specific reason. It doesn’t always mean ‘save’.

Yet another interesting development is that TJ Miller is obviously making an appearance in this movie though it seems like the rumors stated that his parts might have been taken out when he was accused of sexual misconduct not all that long ago. Seeing him the trailer though is uplifting since whether he did it or not he’s kind of an integral part to the story since he helps Wade out occasionally. Domino’s character is going to be another one that’s been anticipated since she, Cable, and Deadpool were always a trio within the comics that tended to gravitate around each other. So far the movie looks like it’s going to be off the hook and just as violent as before but without the constant need to find Francis and mess people up in the process. Yes, the whole ‘Francis’ angle was funny as could be and entirely awesome but it got old a bit quickly since Francis wasn’t exactly the enemy that Cable is.

One slight deviation from the comics, kind of sort of in a way, is that Deadpool gets to stay with Vanessa, who seems to care not one bit about his grotesque look and wants him to continue to be a better man. Now that’s a lucky antihero.

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