Nikki Bella Will Compete in “Celebrity Ninja Warrior”

Nikki Bella Will Compete in “Celebrity Ninja Warrior”

Nikki Bella of the WWE is going to be exiting the squared circle for a brief moment to take on the challenge of Celebrity Ninja Warrior. Since having come back from an injury that could have easily put her out of the WWE permanently Bella has been used pretty sparingly to preserve her health and insure that she’ll still be able to be around for a while. But taking on the Ninja Warrior challenge is going to be a big test of how well she’s really doing. She’ll be trained of course before taking on the challenge but at the same time one can’t help but be impressed by her tenacity and ability to keep going the distance when it comes to her career.

If the day ever comes that she and fiancee John Cena ever do decide to slow down and start a family it might be that we’ll see her step away for a while if not for good. Her absence on WWE for nearly a year had a lot to do with the neck injury that was pretty serious and kept her on the shelf for a good amount of time. It seems that she’s feeling alright now however and is ready and willing to get down to it when it comes to putting herself out there for the job and for charity. At one point Nikki Bella kind of existed in the shadow of her sister Brie, but after striking out on her own finally she enjoyed a good run as the Divas Champion, the longest run in fact, and became the notorious heel of the women’s division. Now that that role has been taken by Alexa Bliss though she can resume being one of the fan favorites and bask in the glory of being loved by the WWE Universe once again.

The one thing about being a pro wrestler however is that the fans are notoriously fickle and only the true diehards will cheer for a wrestler through thick and thin. A lot of her fans might even want to tune in to watch Nikki take on the Ninja Warrior challenge just to see how she does, since she’s in great shape but the challenge is definitely something that’s designed to test the mettle of even the strongest individuals. It’s not all about strength either as a lot of people have found out. Endurance, agility, and fortitude are also quite important when taking on this challenge. If a person can’t cut it then they’re bound to show as much when they fall off of an obstacle or fail to complete a portion of the run. Despite being on a show that is notorious for its fake punches and well-scripted action sequences Nikki Bella is still in phenomenal shape and with some extra training should be able to take on the course alongside her fellow competitors.

This coming May 24th fans will be able to see one of their favorite wrestlers competing on a show that has been notorious for making all but the strongest fail in front of thousands.

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