Newest Honest Trailers for the MCU Basically Rips the MCU a New One

Newest Honest Trailers for the MCU Basically Rips the MCU a New One

MCU Honest Trailer

When you’re done laughing, since it’s supposed to be a parody after all, keep in mind that the MCU is still extremely popular and has been down a twisting, winding arc that hasn’t always made sense when you look at each individual film, but has allowed enough continuity to push the idea that the phases have been meant to go together in a seamless fashion that hasn’t always worked out the way it should. Yes, you read that correctly, since the MCU has made mistakes and missteps throughout the last decade in attempting to bring one of the biggest and most notorious bad guys into play. To think that it was all a means to bring Thanos into the MCU just to finally erase him is a bit confusing, but now that he’s been revealed and dealt with the MCU gets to push on to the next phase, since there are plenty of bad guys to go around and there are some that are so much worse than Thanos.

But as you’re wondering just how that could be keep in mind that during the MCU’s run the movies we’ve loved and the movies kind of fizzled out, along with the shows and one-offs, have been made for a purpose even if you can’t always see it. The Marvel universe is simply too big to get everything in within a single lifetime, particularly because each hero and team typically comes with hundreds of small, individual stories that can’t possibly be lumped together in a cohesive manner. For crying out loud there was a time when Iron Man was kicked off the Avengers and was a raging alcoholic. In this current era however that might have been too detrimental for the kids that have come to idolize Tony Stark and his superhero alter ego. But hey, it was okay for the rest of us to read in the comics when we were younger, right? Moving on, one of the main reasons we get the stories we get on the big and small screens is because the directors have to pick and choose between the story lines of the comics, which offer up a wide variety of crossovers that bring a great many characters together. Then there was the issue of which characters that Disney had the rights to, which altered the movies even further since when you look at it, the original Infinity Gauntlet story involved a lot of heroes and teams that didn’t get featured like the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, even more Avengers, and other heroes that didn’t make the cut for whatever reason like Namor and She-Hulk and Starfox and so many more.

Out of breath yet? Is your mind spinning with the possibilities? This is the MCU, born of the Marvel universe, so of course it’s going to get complicated and it’s going to be heavily involved with the many upon many stories that are just waiting to come forward. As Mike Cecchini of Den of Geek! has already stated there are plenty of heroes to take up the reins of the franchise. If those in charge of the MCU are smart they’ll start expanding now that they have the rights to so many more characters, and will perhaps bring on something like the Secret Wars, or the Evolutionary War, in order to really showcase just how diverse and how widespread the MCU can really be. If you took anything from the video that’s not sarcastic and condescending it should be that the MCU is anything but done since there are a lot of stories just waiting in the wings to be developed, and while the fact is that there are a lot of well-known, almost stereotypical moments that seem to beg for a change of pace, there are still a lot of things that the MCU hasn’t done, and with the inclusion of even more heroes and villains there’s a mountain of stories to be told and a lot of years left in which to tell them.

It might not seem like a good idea to take a dig at the DCEU at the moment since it would be like kicking a patient in the ICU, but at the very least the MCU has built itself in a way that allows for continual growth even if it has to slough off a bad movie here and there to do it. You might even say, as Matthew Donnellon of Medium has, that the DCEU started its downhill slide with the inclusion of Superman into its ranks. Where the DCEU has been excelling mostly on TV the MCU has been taking the gold and the glory on the big screen where the big bucks are, and despite the similarity between characters at times the DCEU has really been paying the price for lack of vision and a well-developed story line. So yeah, Honest Trailers did make a lot of good points with this video and that’s their purpose, to expose what the rest of us don’t want to see because we’re happy being blinded by the flash and impressed by the pomp. But when it come to who’s more impressive it’s hard to deny that the MCU has kept the edge for a while now.

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