Netflix Will Feature It’s First Live Stand-Up Comedy Show With Chris Rock

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Netflix Confirms Their First Live-Streaming Show

Are you hoping to see Chris Rock slapped by Will Smith again? Okay, maybe a bit too far, but if you want to watch the comedian live, then Netflix has you covered. The news was actually announced back in May; however, an official date has now been confirmed. Chris Rock’s new live stand-up special will air on March 4. The comedian will perform in Baltimore, Maryland, with the stream airing live at 10 pm ET/7 pm ET. Chris Rock: Selective Outrage is the first time Netflix will be using its live streaming technology.

As we all know by now, Chris Rock’s year started off a bit rocky, thanks to the slap heard worldwide. The comedian handled that moment with true professionalism and class. Many viewers left the awards show with much more respect for Rock. Since that incident, the comedian’s stand-ups saw a huge bonus, and the 57-year-old has managed to move on from the entire Oscar moment since. That’s likely a big reason he opted to decline to host the Oscars 2023 show as he didn’t want to relive that moment in his head.

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Will Chris Rock Dive Into The Will Smith Incident?

Rock made a statement a couple of days after the incident highlighting his feelings about the shocking moment, “I don’t have a bunch of shit about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I have a whole show I wrote before this weekend, and I’m still kind of processing what happened,” Rock stated in his sold-out show at the Wilbur in Boston. “So, at some point, I’ll talk about that shit. And it’ll be serious, and it’ll be funny.”

Given the name of the upcoming special, perhaps Chris Rock will go into detail about the incident even further. That’s pure speculation on my end. However, during his Ego Death tour, he promised to discuss his Oscar experience more on Netflix. It will be fascinating to see what he goes into depth here. We all saw the slap, so there’s really no need to touch on that too much. Granted, he could give us insight into what he was thinking during or following the slap.

Either way, it should be a fun night of comedy. The actor/comedian has been a very busy man as Rock was recently in David O. Russel’s Amsterdam. The upcoming collaboration with Netflix will be Rock’s second stand-up special with the streaming service, as he did Tamborine in 2018. He also made a guest appearance at the Netflix is a Joke festival alongside Dave Chapelle in 2022.

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Netflix Is Trying New Things In 2023

Not surprisingly, Netflix is trying to up its game in 2023 as the streaming giant is no longer the only service in town. Disney Plus has been doing a lot of live streaming. The most notable being a live Elton John concert and Dancing With The Stars. If Chris Rock’s show turns out to be a success, then I’m sure that Netflix will live streaming, though they haven’t confirmed that. At the moment, Chris Rock’s special is the only confirmed show for 2023, as Netflix hasn’t released its full slate of films, series, and specials throughout the entire year just yet.

Meanwhile, Will Smith’s Oscar experience will haunt him for a very long time. The Oscar winner just released Emancipation, and the feature just hasn’t enough buzz surrounding it. Given the time of the year, this was another attempt at trying to gain some Oscar love, but the lackluster reviews have likely shut down any of that notion. Plus, fans haven’t fully forgiven Will Smith for what he did. It’s unknown when the incident will finally move past the actor. Though clearly, it won’t be anytime soon.

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