10 things you didn’t know about the movie Amsterdam

As we slowly near the end of 2022, we start to get into the best part of the year for big-name titles and feature films. With the movie season climaxing around the December holidays, the end of the year always ensures moviegoers and fans have many options to feast their eyes on. Amsterdam is one of these late-release movies trending on social media because of its cast.

Full of an all-star cast, this 2022 comedic mystery is all anyone can talk of recently. Whether you loved it or hated it (or still haven’t watched it!), here are 10 lesser-known Amsterdam facts that you can impress your friends with when you all get together to watch or gossip about it.

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1. It took nearly six years of production and development

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and its effects, and scheduling difficulties between the star-studded cast and crew, Amsterdam took nearly six years to make and release. It also took longer than usual because Christian Bale had multiple roles in it as an actor and producer. Six years is a long time in Hollywood. Nevertheless, we’re glad the project finally saw the light of day!

2. Jennifer Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, and Angelina Jolie, Micheal B Jordan might have been a part of Amsterdam

Some other celebrity A-listers and notable actors, including Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie, were also rumored to be a part of the movie; however, in the end, the producers and directors settled for other people for the roles.

3. Chris Rock & Christian Bale didn’t speak on set

In an interview regarding the movie, Christian Bale admitted that he hardly spoke to Chris Rock on set while filming Amsterdam because he would keep Bale laughing, making it hard to get in character and act without breaking into fits. Of course, coworkers making the job fun is the best, but maybe not in this instance!




4. Drake executive produced it

Yup, that’s right. Drake, the singer, and hip-hop icon was one of the executive producers for Amsterdam. This isn’t his first executive producer gig; he’s been a part of other big-name projects as well, with the most recent and famous one being Euphoria starring Zendaya, for which she bagged an Emmy award this year.

5. It was going to be called something completely different

The title of the movie was very nearly ‘Canterbury Glass’. Something completely different from what the movie ended up being released as. Hmmm, which title do you think suited the movie best?

6. Police stopped the movie’s production

Every filming crew, no matter how big or experienced needs to have filming permits to film, in particular, public locations offset, and even though Amsterdam had all the permits required, they filmed overtime to get the best possible takes, which meant they worked beyond their permit time, making the police step in and close production! Luckily, they were filming extra scenes at that point. Whew!

7. real events inspire Amsterdam

This post-World War comedy mystery has some truth, as the story has some real-life historical references that it plays out. It also took 14 scripts to make the final script for the movie; this is because the producers and directors wanted to get the best story across to the audience. The result is truly a surprising and thrilling story indeed.

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8. Christian Bale used method acting to bring his character to life

Method acting is a well-known technique in which actors try to become one with the character by incorporating their mannerisms and habits into their real life. This helps to understand the character’s struggles and idiosyncrasies, making the actor’s portrayal appear genuine. To prepare for his role in Amsterdam, Christian Bale stalked strangers on the street to get into his character’s skin. Some of Bale’s best performances have come about from this technique.

9. This is the Director’s first film in 8 years

Even though the film gets so many experienced and notable actors together and makes them deliver outstanding performances, Amsterdam’s Director, David O’ Russell, has been AWOL from Hollywood’s blockbuster scene for quite a few years. His most recent feature film last debuted in 2015, when he directed Joy.

10. Amsterdam brings together numerous Oscar Winners

The movie brings together Rami Malek, Robert De Niro, and Christian Bale, all of whom have won Oscars for previous film projects. With such an experienced cast and crew, it’s no wonder that this movie has been trending on social media.

There you have it! Ten facts that you probably didn’t know about Amsterdam (2022).

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