Netflix Sets YA Fantasy Adventure “Jinn” as First Arabic Series

Even during this strange time in our world today, it is nice to see diversity placed throughout different aspects of our society, especially in that of the entertainment industry. Netflix has become one of the first streaming services to be in the works to release one of their first Arabic series, which will take shape in the young adult fantasy adventure genre. The new series, which will be entitled ‘Jinn’, will be unlike anything that we have seen Netflix release thus far, as the supernatural and contemporary drama takes different forms than other original series. In this article, we are going to unveil some of the details that we have learned about this new series so far, and what you can expect when you tune in to stream it. Let’s get started.

Arabic Culture

‘Jinn’ is just getting to be in the works to be filmed for production, and it is set to shoot the majority of the series in Jordan — Most of this filming has yet to begin, and will take place later in 2018. The show will also feature well known Middle Eastern talent starring in main roles as well, which will pertain to many audiences internationally for the streaming service and for the series. This diversity in talent and surrounding will allow for the series to really have a unique perspective and take on the Arabic culture, as compared to how we perceive it today, and it will in turn also let fans gain their own opinions and new points of view regarding the Arabic culture as well.

Details Of The Series Itself

Although filming has yet to begin on the new Netflix original series, we do know that it is going to take the shape of a six part contemporary teen drama, and is set to be available worldwide come 2019. The show is set to be centered around the story of a group of teens in the ancient metropolis of Petra who come to meet supernatural being that is called Jinn. In the show, Jinn will appear to them as a teenage boy, and together, the group must work to face a great darkness that could potentially destroy their world as they know it. We can sense all the drama and anticipation building already.

As we said before, we hope that this show will help for our younger generations to see and develop a new perspective and point of view when looking toward the Arabic youth in the world today. With all of the hatred and grief that is plaguing the world, Netflix is opening a unique door to help bring understanding to those young eyes and minds. Although, as we said, ‘Jinn’ is not set to be available for streaming until 2019, we are highly anticipating the new original series, and can’t wait to see what those six episodes have in store. Make sure to stay tuned with us for any updates and further details regarding this new series, and what we can expect as release dates come closer.

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