Movie Theory: It and The Mist are Connected

Movie Theory: It and The Mist are Connected
Movie Theory: It and The Mist are Connected

Credit: The Mist

It’s fairly common knowledge to those who have read more than a few Stephen King novels that many of his stories center around a central hub, and for decades that’s been his Dark Tower series. But this tends to mean that many of his stories will collide with each other at times since it’s been seen with Salem’s Lot, The Stand, and various books within the Dark Tower series. While the cinematic adaptation of the series didn’t go over that well, the many stories and worlds that King has created still share that central hub, and two of them appear to be connected in a closer manner than many people have openly thought about in a long while, if at all. In all honesty, it’s very likely that It and The Mist have been kept separate by many for various reasons since to try and tie them together feels like it would result in a lot of loose ends that might not be easily explained. But the visuals that have been given on the big screen are hard to argue with, and the fact that King’s stories are so closely knit makes it even more difficult to brush off the familiarity. 

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It could be that Pennywise is simply one of several super-powerful entities that hail from the same realm.

Pennywise is extremely arrogant and thinks he’s a lot stronger than he really is, especially if insults can take him down and a few blows to his ego can make him crumble. But there’s no doubt that he carries a serious amount of power that can and has managed to do a lot of damage. But what if he’s not the only one? What if he’s only one of several powerful beings that came from the same dimension, and the creatures in the mist are simply minor beings to Pennywise and others, much like wildlife is to a regular human being? That’s kind of troubling since it means that Pennywise might not be the worse thing from his own universe, which is kind of an unsettling thought to be fair. 

Pennywise might be an evolved version of what came out of the mist. 

When taking a look at the creatures that were displayed in the movie, not the show, it’s easy to think of how Pennywise might be an evolved version of the organisms that are bound to be far older than anyone would like to guess. That theory might not be entirely popular with others since it begs the question of why didn’t others evolve and take over, but there could be a reason for this as well, and it could be that Pennywise was the most vicious of the bunch and decided to slaughter any that tried to evolve along with him or tried to follow his example. That implies that he has a lot more power in another dimension than he does while on earth, but it makes sense as well, considering that on earth, he has limitations, while in his own dimension, or plane of existence, he might not have as many. 

Movie Theory: It and The Mist are Connected

Credit: The Mist

King’s stories exist on a number of different levels, so it’s fair to assume that The Mist and It exist on different levels of the Macroverse. 

The Macroverse, where Pennywise and Maturin, the giant turtle that was hinted at but never seen in the movie, is likely big enough to house the universe that the Mist creatures came from, but it’s also very likely that humans poking around with things they don’t understand could access it. For whatever reason, Pennywise was apparently confined to Derry, Maine, while the creatures might have been able to spread far and wide if they’d been given a chance. But this could also be due to the fact that Pennywise might exist on a much higher level of the Macroverse, which might be tougher to reach once one has departed. But perhaps these different levels still operate on the same premise, that they can be accessed simultaneously by one intrusive, inquisitive species that have little to no clue what they’re doing. In other words, maybe humans could access both levels with one attempt. 

The creatures from the mist and Pennywise might be closely related. 

Another fun thing to think about is whether or not the creatures from the Mist are Pennywise’s spawn. It’s an odd idea, but it’s still one that might bear some thought since there are a lot of similarities in appearance and form when Pennywise drops the pretense of being humanoid. It’s fair to say that Pennywise has no true form, but it could be that the creatures are what happens when Pennywise imprints on other species and creates something entirely new. It’s a thought at least, and one that’s worth looking into. 

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