Unraveling the Intricate Plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’

Unraveling the Intricate Plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’
Unraveling the Intricate Plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’

credit: What Happened to Monday

In the dystopian world of ‘What Happened to Monday,’ overpopulation has reached a critical point, prompting the establishment of the Child Allocation Bureau. This organization enforces a strict one-child policy, with any additional children being cryogenically frozen until the overpopulation issue is resolved or until the firstborn child dies.

Unraveling the Intricate Plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’

credit: What Happened to Monday

The Birth of the Septuplets

The story revolves around Karen Settman, who dies after giving birth to septuplets. Their grandfather, Karen’s father, names each child after a day of the week and only allows them to leave the house on their respective day. When venturing outside, they must all assume the identity of Karen. To maintain this ruse, the siblings share daily experiences and information with one another.

One day, Thursday breaks the rules and goes skateboarding, resulting in a cut finger. To maintain their identical appearances, their grandfather is forced to cut the fingers of the other six siblings.

Unraveling the Intricate Plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’

credit: What Happened to Monday

Life as Adults

As adults, the siblings continue to live under the guise of Karen Settman. Monday, who is Karen for the day, prepares for a promotion presentation at work and encounters checkpoint officer Adrian. On the way, she also meets Jerry, a competitor for the promotion, who hints at possible blackmail.

When Monday fails to return home, her sisters grow concerned. Tuesday goes out to search for her but is captured by the Child Allocation Bureau (C.A.B.) officers. At the headquarters, Adrian spots her, and she meets Nicolette Cayman, the head of the Bureau and a Parliament candidate. Cayman reveals that she knows the truth about the siblings, and when Tuesday tries to bribe her, she learns that Monday has already done so. Cayman orders the C.A.B. agents to kill the remaining siblings.

The agents raid the siblings’ apartment, using Karen’s eyeball to bypass the retinal scanner. A fierce battle ensues, with the sisters emerging victorious but losing Sunday in the process.

Desperate Measures

On Wednesday’s day out, she confronts Jerry, suspecting him of revealing their secret. Jerry discloses that Karen received the promotion due to a large campaign donation to Cayman. A sniper then kills Jerry, and Wednesday escapes.

Adrian visits the apartment, searching for “Karen.” Thursday assumes he had an affair with one of the siblings and encourages Saturday to accompany him and gather information. Meanwhile, Friday hacks into the Bureau’s systems and discovers Monday in a holding cell. Tragically, Wednesday is killed elsewhere, and Saturday is killed by agents while revealing Monday’s relationship with Adrian.

The officers raid the apartment once more, and Friday sacrifices herself by blowing up the apartment, allowing Thursday to escape.

Upon learning of the explosion, Adrian seeks out “Karen.” Thursday confronts him, blaming him for her sisters’ deaths. Adrian reveals that he was only in love with Monday, and they team up to save her.

The Shocking Truth

Thursday infiltrates the C.A.B. headquarters, recording a video of the freezing process and discovering that it is actually incineration. She attacks the scientists and searches for her siblings. They find Tuesday, who has lost an eye, and she reveals that Monday betrayed them.

After a confrontation between Monday and Thursday, the latter emerges victorious. Disguised as Monday, she attends Cayman’s presentation and exposes the incineration process, tarnishing Cayman’s reputation. A shootout ensues, and Monday, in her dying moments, confesses that she betrayed her sisters because she was pregnant with Adrian’s children.

The intricate plot of ‘What Happened to Monday’ keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, as the septuplets navigate a dangerous world and fight for their survival.

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