The Movie “Aliens” Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

The Movie “Aliens” Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

The Movie “Aliens” Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Only one more day until Alien: Covenant comes out and all this hype can finally either be backed up by a film that warranted it or we can be disappointed and hope that never again will another Alien film be made.   No pressure Ridley Scott.  No pressure at all.   If I’m a betting man I say that the film will receive a mediocre reception at best.   I don’t know.  I just think there’s been too much hype that expectations are through the roof for this film to be a return to the magic that was the original Alien.  But what do I know?  Hell, I hope it turns out well.  Last thing I want to do is waste money at the theater.

As we count down the hours to the film’s release it’s natural to look to the past Alien films for comparison.  Today we take a look at not Alien but the James Cameron directed Aliens which was a very different film from the first.   Aliens was more of a “blockbuster” type film filled with action rather than a sullen, dark, slower moving picture like Ridley Scott’s Alien.   Many have praised Aliens while some aren’t fans at all.

Either way, you’ll get a kick out of Screenjunkies and their honest Aliens trailer below:

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