Melrose Place – Violet’s Top Ten Craziest Moments (So Far…)

Melrose Place – Violet’s Top Ten Craziest Moments (So Far…)

So we are entering November sweeps and the fast approaching eviction of Violet Foster, MP’s resident crazy red head, who seems as if she could be original series resident madwoman Kimberly’s offspring more than Sydney’s. Although Violet’s stay was short and eerily ‘sweet’, she did manage to make an impact on the show by anchoring in the Flagship Crazy, which is what Melrose Place has always been known for. From seducing, then threatening, Michael Mancini with the help of energy drinks to smashing a symbolic bird’s nest, Violet has broken down the door for the insane and inane to enter and stake claim to the Baton of Absurd that she will leave behind. So in celebration, I have compiled a Top Ten List of Violet’s Craziest Moments So Far on Melrose Place. I just pray that The CW will include more deranged moments in their quest to lighten up the show’s mood, because you can’t have Melrose Place with out the crazy. That’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup without the peanut butter!

Violet’s crazy level will be measured by The Four Tiers Of Craziness, which include “Lil’ Crazy”, “Crazy”, Crazy”, and ” ‘This Girl Is Certifiable’ Crazy”.

6a00d83451b92469e2011570a67269970b-800wi#10 – Violet Steals Sydney’s Picture – (‘Pilot’)

This moment gave us the first seed that Violet had a connection with Sydney other than finding Syd’s dead body in the pool. But if you weren’t reading up on everything Melrose Place before the premiere, then the ‘reveal’ really wasn’t all that… well, revealing. But the most important seed that this moment laid other than the relation between the two hot redheads was that Violet was not all what she seemed; and that she might have a few loose screws in her head. The moment was tame at best, but not in a bad way.

Crazy Lvl. – “Lil’ Crazy”

#9 – Violet Runs From The Cops – (‘Vine’)

Well, this one just plain didn’t make sense. Who runs from the cops if they are innocent? Violet should have known that the detectives were only there for Sydney’s murder, not her running away from home. So immediately I knew something was up with this young lady and that she might not be as innocent as she seems.

Crazy Lvl – “Crazy”

#8 – Violet Snitches On The Auggie/Riley “Relationship” – (‘Windsor’)

Auggie is the object of Violet’s affection/obsession. Riley is Violet’s only other ally besides Lauren in the complex, well that was until Riley and Auggie made googly eyes at each other. This is when Violet’s eyes shot daggers laced with a combination of jealousy and crazed revenge serum. The daggers landed in the heart of Jonah as he and Riley are still suffering from Violet’s helpful advice of Riley’s location and ‘innocent’ chatter of how Auggie and Riley are a “secretive” pair. I think we know which tier of crazy this one belongs…

Crazy Lvl – “Crazy”

#7 – Violet Confronts Sydney About Being Her Daughter – (‘Nightingale’)

Sydney (and the audience) got the shock of her life when Violet revealed that she was was Sydney’s daughter, something thatMELROSE PLACE Melrose Place mathematicians are still trying to figure out the plausibility of. Sydney claimed that she didn’t have a daughter and that brought the Twilight Zone out of Violet who claimed that she had a string of Sydney’s hair processed for a DNA match. But Violet exclaims that Sydney will never leave her again and that she will see to it. Sydney should’ve had upped security like immediately after staring into the eyes of the madness that is Violet.

Crazy Lvl – “This Girl is Certifiable Crazy”

#6 – Violet Steals A Dress From Sydney’s Apartment aka A Crime Scene!!! – (‘Grand’)

Lauren hears a noise from the courtyard coming from Sydney’s apartment, which is surrounded by yellow crime scene tape . While I was wondering about the power of Lauren’s hearing, I was served with another dish to marvel over. Violet was the one in the apartment stealing some of Sydney’s old clothes! Is it that serious to reconnect with your mother?

Crazy Lvl – “Crazy”

#5 – Violet Confronts Michael Mancini About Hurting Sydney – (‘Shoreline’)

Wonder if Sydney is watching from above (or from below, however you see it) and marvels at how much her daughter is doing her ‘justice’ in sussing out all those who hurt Syd in the past. If she is, then Sydney should be damn proud because Violet gave it her all in the outrageous department in this episode. After finding a letter Syd wrote to Auggie about Dr. Michael Mancini hurting her, Violet geared up for a showdown with the maniacal doctor. First Violet guzzles down cases of energy drinks to make her heart go aflutter so that Michael can check on her. Oh and she goes to her doctor visit as if she is about to have a night on the town with the gals. Michael, of course, sees an opportunity and is impressed with Violet’s ‘assets’. They have a drink and then a romp in his car… which Violet records on Michael’s own phone. Now after you get past the ick factor of Sydney and Michael sleeping with each other’s offsprings on top of sleeping with each other, the you can see Violet’s dastardly plan. Michael’s new wife, Vanessa, hired a baby sitter from an agency and who do they send over? None other than the Redheaded Baroness of Crazy herself. Violet makes it known to Michael that he will pay for the sins he committed to her mother and that he better get in line and fast. This makes #5 in the countdown for 1) the lengths Violet went to acheive this deed and 2) for being crazy enough to challenge Michael Mancini. He’s been known to make people disappear. Ask Amanda and Sydney… Well, ask Amanda.

Crazy Lvl – ” Crazy” AND “This Girl Is Certifiable Crazy”

#4 – Violet Gets A Waitress Fired And Takes The Poor Girl’s Job – (‘Canon’)

Violet wants Auggie to herself and she also needs more money than being a hostess at Coal. So in this episode she kills two birds with one stone. There was a waitress who was also in AA with Auggie and the poor waitress made the drastic mistake of making Auggie smile in a flirty way, which Violet didn’t take kindly to. Oh and the waitress is making more money than Violet so we knew it wasn’t going to end well for this poor woman. Violet plants cash missing from the waitress’s cash drawer into the waitress’s purse and staged for the money to fall out of it, which got the waitress fired, Violet her job and Auggie all for herself. SMH…

Crazy Lvl – “Crazy”

MELROSE PLACE#3 – Violet Breaks Into Auggie’s House And Humps His Things – (‘Shoreline’)

Violet is found by David frolicking in Auggie’s bed with Auggie’s under clothes and other items. It’s a sad sight and when Violet delivers the lie she had been practicing in case the moment of someone catching her went down, David shoots it down by saying that he is in fact Auggie’s go to person for house-sitting. SMDH…

Crazy Lvl – “Crazy” with a twinge of mental…

#2 – Violet Is Seen Floating In The Pool Ala Sydney’s Dead Body – (‘Nightingale’)

This was in heavy contention with the #1 spot, but for some reason I felt that it could take number two. Jonah and Riley spot Violet floating in the pool the same way that they found Sydney’s body as if Violet was channelling her dead mother or something. This certified for Jonah that Violet is to avoided at all costs, but for some reason all the others were slow on catching on.

Crazy Lvl – “The Girl Is Certifiable” Crazy

#1 – Violet Smashes The Symbolic Bird’s Nest In The Courtyard – (‘Windsor’)

While there is still a debate out on this, I believe wholeheartedly (due to a ‘source’ from the show) that Violet smashed the bird’s love nest that had took residence over Jonah and Riley’s apartment. The move came from Riley and Auggie’s ‘friendship’ and Violet’s extreme jealousy of any female that gets 10 ft in Auggie’s visage. The incident was also symbolic, because the resident love birds (not the literal birds) Jonah and Riley are on the skids and seem like they are about to stay in those troubling waters for some time.

All thanks to Violet Foster.

Crazy Lvl – The ENTIRE Four Tiers of Craziness because it’s just that insane. She destroyed an innocent bird family’s home, people!!!! That’s low….

So what do you guys think? Do you have any honorable mentions or your own favorite moments from Violet’s crazy ass?

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