“Mean Tweets: NFL Edition” Here Just in Time for Super Bowl LII

If you think Mean Tweets for celebrities were bad think about how brutal they can get for the NFL Edition. This is just in time for Super Bowl LII since a lot folks might think that fans of celebrities are brutal, but don’t seem to realize that NFL fans are simply nuts. Unfortunately with a lot of these tweets it also shows that they either don’t know or don’t care to spell properly and take the time to form a complete sentence. I kind of wonder if the people sending the tweets are fully educated or realize that the guys they’re insulting had to go through at least four years of college in order to get to where they’re at. After all it’s not typical to walk into the NFL.

Personally I would have loved to have seen more tweets, perhaps adding in Tom Brady or Nick Foles just to get some real up to date opinions from those that are actually going to be in the Super Bowl. There were a couple obviously but let’s face it, no one gets ripped on more than Brady right now. A lot of folks might do it out of jealousy and envy since Brady has been tearing teams apart on his way to multiple Super Bowl’s, but others might do just because they can’t stand the guy. NFL fans get a bad reputation at times for being among the most belligerent fans in the world, and it’s been well-deserved for a while now if you’ve been paying attention to the flak that some of the players have been getting and the reaction of the fans in the stands.

In some cases it’s no worse than any other sport, but I don’t recall seeing a lot of fights that made social media or the news when it comes to other sports. Soccer might be kind of a passionate sport but as fierce and as territorial as those fans can get they don’t seem to measure up to NFL fans. These are the type of fans that will rip into someone just because they’re on a different team that opposes the team they root for. For instance any team that’s opposed the Patriots in the last several years such as the Falcons and the Seahawks just to name a couple. Fans from any team will fight for no better reason than because someone badmouthed their team or one of the athletes.

It’s a game people. All the mean tweets in the world aren’t going to make these guys care enough to get rattled. They get paid to go out and do something they love to do no matter what we think, so telling them in so many ways that they suck is not just invalid, it’s kind of pointless. I’ll be one of the many to admit that I don’t like the New England Patriots, I root for their loss every chance I get. But they’re a great team all the same and have earned their spot the last several years. My opinion aside they’ve proven their worth.

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