Matt Nix Re-Ups With 20th Century Fox

Those of you who follow writers understand that the potential for a new show or movie rests in the talents of these professionals. Fans of the USA Network show “Burn Notice,” will recognize the name Matt Nix. He’s the man behind the creativity for the storylines and scripts. He’s also responsible for the TV show “APB,” as well as “The Comedians,” starring Billy Crystal, “The Good Guys” and “Complications.” We just recently got wind of the new project that he’s working on with 20th Century Fox television. Marvel fans, get ready as Nix has tackled writing for the new series called “The Gifted.” in his re-up with 20th Century Fox.

Here is what we know about Matt and his latest undertaking so far.

His relationship with 20th Century Fox

Execs and staff of the iconic company couldn’t be happier about their latest collaboration. Nix is one of those writers that everybody looks forward to working with. He’s not only brilliant at his craft, he’s also a great guy. This is the first time that 20th Century Fox has worked on a collaborative effort with Marvel. Matt is one of the top picks to write in this genre because he has a heavy background in it along with a high level of expertise. There are high hopes on deck for massive success with “The Gifted.”

Plot of the series

“The Gifted” is based on the Marvel X-Men characters, but don’t you dare call it that. From what we know about it so far, the X-Men have totally flown the coop. We’re not told why, but they’re not around to help so the rest of the mutants are on their own in evading the clutches of the government. Still, this leaves us wondering if the show will ever feature a few cameo appearances? If they’re planning to do this, they certainly aren’t breathing a word about it.

It will be a live action drama. The series will begin with a couple living their everyday lives with their kids in the suburbs making a traumatic discovery. Their children are gifted with mutant powers, hence, the title of the show. Of course when the government finds out, they want to lay their hands on the children. The couple are forced to seek help to protect the kids. They join a group of underground mutants who are in the same situation. They are all in a fight for survival together.

The cast

Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker play the roles of the parents. They are joined by Emma Dumont, Cody Bell, Natalie Alyn Lind, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, Percy Hynes White and Sean Teale. Bryan Singer directed the pilot in addition to his part as executive producer. He’s joined by production staff Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, Jim Chory and Jeph Loeb. Nix serves as forerunner for the show.


We know that the show is third in line for the 2017-18 broadcast season, but we haven’t been given a definite date for its’ premiere. It is set to air in the fall. The announcement of the new series gives us all something to look forward to. We’re fairly sure that more information will be released as the network get their time slots figured out for the fall lineup scheduling.

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