10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Ann Van Der Horst

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Ann Van Der Horst

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Ann Van Der Horst

When Mary Ann Van Der Horst took the stage at the X Factor Australia in 2014, nobody was expecting the powerful voice that came out of her mouth. The talented singer left everyone within earshot completely stunned by her singing abilities. Even though she didn’t win the competition, she left a lasting impression on countless people. She has continued to do her thing in the years since, and Mary Ann is still incredibly determined to make it one way or another. Even though there are lots of people in the world who are great singers, there is definitely something special about Mary Ann. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Mary Ann Van Der Horst.

1. She’s A Whitney Houston Fan

Mary Ann has loved music for as long as she can remember. Although she prides herself on being a unique artist, she was inspired by many of the great singers who came before her. One of her biggest influences has been the legendary Whitney Houston. Other singers she looks up to include Beyonce and Tina Arena.

2. She’s Signed To A Record Label

One of the best things about being on a singing competition show (even if you don’t win) is the fact that it exposes you to a wider audience. That’s exactly what being on X Factor Australia did for Mary Ann. When she appeared on the show, one of her biggest goals was to get signed by a record label and that dream has come true. She is currently signed with Alpha Music.

3. She’s Not Afraid To Change Her Image

The music industry is known for being extremely competitive. Since audiences tend to have short attention spans and even shorter memories, artists must be flexible in order to keep up with the flow. For that reason, Mary Ann doesn’t mine changing her image every once in a while as a way to help her stay relevant.

4. Her Husband Didn’t Like Her Singing

Mary Ann has an incredible voice, but apparently her husband didn’t think so. Mary Ann said that her husband wasn’t a fan of her singing voice which only added to her nerves when she was performing on X Factor. It’s unclear whether Mary Ann and her husband are still together.

5. She Started Singing As A Child

Not only has Mary Ann been a fan of music for most of her life, she’s also been a singer. She started singing when she was about 10-years-old and it was clear that she had a special talent. By the time she was 18 she was already performing and going on tours in Asian and Europe.

6. She Used To Be In A Rock Band

You may not consider Mary Ann a rocker at this point in her career, but she used to be one. She told Aus Pop, ” I was once a rocker when I was in a female band and our repertoire was mostly rock songs like Guns N Roses, Heart, The Eagles, etc.” Being a member of that band allowed Mary Ann to see just how diverse her singing abilities are.

7. She’s On YouTube

Mary Ann has been working extremely hard since her days on X Factor and she has continued to record covers and original music. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads lots of videos of her singing, and the response has been great. Her channel has 28,500 subscribers and more than 4.3 million total views.

8. She’s Filipina

Mary Ann is a Filipina and she is very proud of her country and her roots. However, she decided to move to Melbourne to give herself a better chance to find success in her singing career. Melbourne has a very special place in her heart and has given her access to opportunities she couldn’t have even imagined.

9. She’s A Brand Ambassador

Social media has become a great way for artists to get their work in front of a large audience. Building up a large following also comes with other benefits as well. For Mary Ann, one of those benefits have manifested in the chance to work with brands. She is currently a brand ambassador for a clothing like called Kiss Good.

10. She Enjoys Interacting With Her Fans

Fans are an essential part of any successful artist’s career, and that’s not something Mary Ann takes for granted. She is extremely grateful for all of her fans and interacts with them whenever she gets the chance. She often hosts live video sessions on YouTube where she talks to her fans and answers their questions.

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