10 Things You Didn’t Know about Margaret Qualley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Margaret Qualley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Margaret Qualley

Just reading about Margaret Qualley doesn’t feel like enough when it comes to getting to know who she is. There are layers to this young woman that seem to be begging to be discovered but on her terms and if she wants to reveal them. She doesn’t seem to be an overly private person but she’s also not quite the type to go broadcasting who she is and what she does to the world at any given moment. Having been raised in a manner that was normal for the culture in which she grew up in she’s very well aware of her capabilities and what she can do, and is still somewhat humble and very fond of the life she’s led thus far while at the same time grateful for the chances she’s received. She’s definitely one of those that has never had to want for anything until she had to face the world on her own, and even then this is debatable.

She is however a very real person deep down. Here are a few other things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s Andie McDowell’s daughter.

You know Andie McDowell right? Famous actress? She was in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and has also been a model in her day. She’s one of the reasons why Margaret is where she is right now in fact.

9. She’s been a model as well as an actress.

Modeling was something that she used more as a transitory position in order to find out what she really wanted to do. Her mother was her biggest advocate for modeling but Margaret wanted to find her place and where wanted to be.

8. She was very invested in ballet at one time.

Ballet was life at one point and time to her and it was what she was really passionate about. But she did eventually come to realize that there was more to life than just ballet, and this was when she started to broaden her horizons and take her interests in a different direction.

7. She didn’t wear toe pads during ballet practice.

Margaret was one of those that wanted to ‘feel the floor’ beneath her toes. This meant she went without the standard padding in her shoes and instead just used wads of tissue or paper towels to cushion her feet. You can imagine that this was kind of painful at times, but it was her way.

6. She never really saw her mom as the famous actress, just as her mom.

To Margaret Andie was just mom, she was never the famous actress or famous model. Well, she was those things but she was still just mom most of the time and it allowed their relationship to be a lot stronger than it could have been otherwise.

5. She started acting in 2011.

She hasn’t been in the industry that long to be honest but it seems as though she’s picking it up fairly well and not having too much difficulty. It could be that having a famous mother had something to do with this but it could also be the way she was raised.

4. So far her filmography isn’t all that long.

This could very well be because she’s been focused on her studies as well since she was enrolled in New York University as of 2013. As of now she lives in LA with her sister, but her acting career could be subjected to further education or just kept at her own pace as she desires.

3. She was a debutante.

This is more of a class status than anything as it means that the young woman belongs to an upper-class family and upon being dubbed with this title is now an adult and is recognized as such. It’s definitely a cultural title that still exists and is still used in certain circles.

2. She is very close with her sister.

They were both debutantes and they live together in LA at this time so you could say that they can more than tolerate one another. Having siblings close enough in age is great at times if they get along since they can experience a lot together as friends as well as sisters.

1. She also stars in Death Note.

This is a seriously odd movie but it’s also kind of genius as it speaks to the morality of human beings and what they consider to be both good and bad from differing standpoints. When a notebook dubbed Death Note falls in the hands of a high school student the demonic creature that is attached to it appears and lets him know just what will happen if he writes someone’s name in the notebook with their face firmly in mind, and then chooses how they will die. Initially he’s repulsed by this, but throughout the film it becomes apparent that he’s quite intoxicated by the power he now holds.

Margaret will definitely be one to keep your eye on.

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