Madam Secretary: Government Shuts Down. Nadine Makes Difficult Decision.

Madam Secretary: Government Shuts Down. Nadine Makes Difficult Decision.

Madam Secretary

When facing a problem, one should do whatever it takes to find a solution. On the other hand, in this week’s Madam Secretary, finding a solution seems like a Herculean task. Elizabeth tries to find a financial resolution for the Lebanese refugee camp that has been without power. On top of that, she has to face the looming government shutdown as the budget deadline nears.

Panic doesn’t begin to describe the atmosphere at the State Department. Matt and Daisy ganged up on Nadine about the possibility of losing their jobs. The Secretary’s Chief of Staff told her two worried co-workers that the decision is not hers to make. If it were up to Nadine, she would ensure that everyone gets to keep their jobs. I loved the scene where Nadine offers Daisy some motherly advice. I also agreed with the Secretary’s Chief of Staff said that the expecting mother would be taking more than a couple of weeks of paternity leave.

Meanwhile, President Dalton attempts to negotiate the government budget with Senator Morejon. The latter undermined every point the president made, which irked me greatly. Why can’t the senator see the greater good? Is getting his way so important to him that he is willing to jeopardize the careers of hardworking Americans? No offense to the actor who is portraying the senator, but I like Morejon even less than I did at the beginning. Kudos to President Dalton for leaving the negotiation meeting three hours before the deadline. If he had stayed, then all hell would break loose. Sometimes it’s better to retreat, regroup and fight another day.

In the end, Elizabeth was able to find a solution for the Lebanese refugee camp. Isreali contractors will install solar fields to power the camp. It’s a blow to the Lebanese government, yes, but it will help the refugees that are coping with the chaos of war. Back in the States, the news isn’t a good one. The Senate has ordered a shutdown, and Elizabeth delivers a moving speech to the soon to be furloughed employees.

Nadine also makes a difficult decision. She and her son Roman are talking again, which is very good. He informed his mother that the Secretary’s Chief of Staff is going to be a grandmother as his girlfriend Shindy, is pregnant. After handling a case of mistakened identity with Homeland Security, Nadine talks with the secretary of her decision to leave her job as she wants to spend time with her son and his budding family. I will miss the dry humor Bebe Neuwirth brings to her character and the way that she could make her stand up to Russell Jackson like a champ.

Final Thoughts:

I applaud Henry for tracking down Dmitri and getting him to the rehab center so the latter can get past his addiction issues. I hope that the former Russian soldier’s demons (no offense, Mazikeen) won’t come back to haunt him. Henry has put his reputation on the line for Dmitri many times; it’s like a parent assuring the principal that his child won’t misbehave again.

I also applaud Nadine for using the Homeland Security agent’s children against him as she pleads her son’s case. I’m sure that the agent would stop at nothing to help his children much like Nadine is doing for her son. The things we do for love, right?

The baby shower for Daisy was a bit of a reprieve from the crisis of the day. I rolled my eyes in amusement when Elizabeth gave Daisy a wet/dry vacuum. Maybe the new mom will use it instead of selling it like Stevie did with hers? I also felt sorry for Blake when Nadine shut down his proposal to play games at the baby shower. There’s always next time, Blake! Well, if there is a next time.

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