10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucian Msamati

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucian Msamati

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucian Msamati

Lucian Msmati is the kind of actor who you have no choice but to respect. He is talented and hard working and he has a resume that can stand up next to anyone’s. Throughout his career, Lucian has continually left people in awe with his performances. No matter what kind of character he’s playing, Lucian has this undeniable ability to light up the screen and leave a lasting impression. Even after so many years in the industry, his presence is still refreshing. Some of the more recent projects he is best-known for include His Dark Materials, Black Earth Rising, and Gangs of London. He also has some great things in the works that should be getting released in 2021. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Lucian Msmati.

1. He Grew Up In Africa

Lucian is commonly referred to as a British actor, and it’s true that he was born in England and spent most of his adult life there. At the same time, however, Lucian was raised and educated in Zimbabwe where he moved with his parents at a young age. Lucian’s parents are originally from Tanzania.

2. He’s Always Wanted To Be An Actor

From an early age Lucian was well aware that acting was his calling. During an interview with What’s On Stage he said, ” At an early age I watched the film of Grease, or The Incredible Hulk or something like that and thought: ‘Wow, they look like they are having lots of fun. I want to do that.’ There was no theatregoing tradition in my family and it’s not been an easy journey, but in my heart of hearts, this is always what I wanted to do.”

3. He’s One Of The Founders Of The Edge Theatre Company

In addition to a successful on screen career, Lucian has also been very active in the theater seen. He has been a part of a number of stage productions and is one of the founding members of The Edge Theatre Company. Unfortunately, it’s been several years since the company has performed as the members have been primarily focused on their individual careers.

4. He Doesn’t Believe In Color Blind Casting

There is a common belief among some people that the way to combat racism and discrimination is to completely ignore color all together. Lucian disagrees. He told The Guardian, “I don’t come into anything unaware of who or what I am and what it represents: my skin-colour and my heritage is mine and I carry it everywhere I go. Whenever someone talks about “colour-blindness” I say “I want you to see my colour.”

5. You Won’t Find Him On Social Media

These days, social media is one of the first places we all go when we want to learn more about a celebrity whose work we enjoy. Sadly for Lucian’s fans, you won’t catch him on any social media platforms. We weren’t able to find an explanation as to why, but it’s likely just because he prefers to protect his privacy.

6. He Studied Languages

Education is something that has always been important to Lucian. He attended the University of Zimbabwe where he earned a bachelor’s degree in French and Portuguese. Upon graduation, he spent a few years working as a copywriter because making the transition into acting.

7. He Never Backs Down From A Challenging Role

When challenges pop up, it’s always easy to look the other way. That’s never been Lucian’s style though. He actually looks forward to those challenges and enjoys taking roles that push him outside of his comfort zone. He told What’s On Stage, “When something terrifies me, then my immediate reaction is: ‘Yes let’s do this’.”

8. He Didn’t Go To Drama School

In the acting community, there’s always been a bit of a debate over whether or not drama school is necessary for a successful acting career. While there are lots of successful actors who have said nothing but great things about their drama school experience, there are also plenty who opted not to go. Lucian is part of the latter group. Instead of formal training, he got his acting education by simply acting.

9. He Has Voiceover Experience

Lucian’s live action work is what has earned him the most attention and recognition, but he’s also a talented voice actor. He has done a good amount of voiceover work, especially earlier on in his career when he worked as a freelance radio presenter. In 2011, he was also in the BBC 4 Radio show called Burned to Nothing.

10. His Portrayal Of Iago Was A Moment In History

In 2015, Lucian was cast as Iago in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Othello. Not only was this a great opportunity for the sake of his career, but he also made history as the first black person to ever be cast in that role with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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