The Lowe Files: Does This Show Have a Chance?

The Lowe Files:  Does This Show Have a Chance?

Just when you figured a celebrity was about to slip into quiet obscurity or at least be satisfied with a cameo here and there, we get this. Now granted, Robe Lowe is very entertaining and always does a good job of delighting his many fans, but this show seems a little desperate in a way. It might have some merit, as people almost always like to explore hidden mysteries and rumors of the occult and otherworldly happenings. But the reason why it might seem a little ‘meh’ is simply 1) Rob Lowe’s sons are not well known, and 2) Rob Lowe is usually better when he sticks to actual acting. This show is geared to be a documentary of sorts in which Rob and his boys will be going around the globe visiting what amounts to hidden, clandestine sites such as alien bases and abandoned buildings to ascertain the truth about the unknown.

It might bear watching for a little bit, then again we’ve seen a multitude of such shows, with celebrities, that bombed out early on. Will this be any different?

It has kind of a Ghost Hunters meets AHS: Roanoake feel to it thus far.

Do you recall the spirit hunters in Roanoake? They were so eager to explore the old home that they threw caution to the winds and had cameras on them constantly to record each and every step they took. Plus, before we got to the disappointing half of the season, the ‘actors’ had cameras on them from every angle while in the house as well. While there aren’t cameras in the abandoned boys’ reformatory school, they are being filmed each and every step, and unfortunately the validity of it is about as convincing as AHS. I don’t want to be a skeptic but considering all that’s been filmed and all we’ve seen in the past it’s simply too easy to stage something to seem real nowadays.

The staging kind of hurts the credibility of the show.

It could be just the flair that they need to get people’s attention, but really it seems more for show than anything. If you’re going to go out looking to satisfy your own curiosity that’s great, but if you’re going to be putting it on TV then be ready for army of skeptics to be hounding at your heels every step of the way. My personal belief is that this is a wondrous and unknown world that we live in and I would very much like to believe that Rob Lowe and his sons are out to find the truth and discover what no one else has seen as of yet. But the fanfare and the staging make it look like just another wannabe reality show that’s only destined for a single season of mediocrity before it fades off into obscurity.

Again, I don’t want to be a cynic. I tend to believe in a lot crazy stuff because we live in a very strange and wonderful world. But, and I hope I’m wrong, I do believe that the Lowe Files might be headed for a  very quick rise with a very steep drop.


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