Looks Like the “Teen Titans GO!” is Taking a Shot At the “Green Lantern’ Movie”

Teen Titans Go! taking shots at movies like Green Lantern shouldn’t be taken as anything but hilarious since honestly the Green Lantern movie was considered to be pretty universally bad. But after the hilarity is over it’ll be time for the Teen Titans to try and put up or shut up since while their cartoon has been okay with its spot on the Cartoon Network, finding anyone to produce a movie of the show that’s ABOUT producing a movie based on them is going to be an exercise that a lot of people might think is about as useful as lifting an empty wrapping paper tube and calling it a workout. Think about it and it will eventually make sense, kind of.

The Teen Titans have for a long time been kind of an add-on to the DC universe, a group that is there to be taken seriously but never really are since the heroes are great and all but don’t really form that great of a team. It could be why they’ve been relegated to cartoons and not much else thus far. The funny thing about it is the fact that they’re not really second rate heroes, their abilities are pretty cool and their team isn’t really that bad. But compared to a lot of the other superheroes they’re simply not considered the big leaguers. Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy all have their strengths, but in Teen Titans Go! it would seem that they’re all about weaknesses rather than strengths most of the time.

Plus taking digs at superheroes that have been proven for a long time seems to be kind of a cheap move even if it is kind of funny. The fact that this cartoon is being made into a movie though kind of boggles the mind a bit just because, well, it’s way more amusing as a cartoon. Some kids might not understand absolutely everything that goes into an episode but at the very least they’re able to laugh and enjoy the antics of the Titans as they try to solve one problem or another without messing each other up in the process. Maybe that’s why they’re not on the same level as other superheroes in the DC universe, because as a team, especially in the cartoons, they’re not always such a cohesive unit. They’ve been able to pull together and make it work but a lot of times they have such different personalities that they find themselves at odds with each other just as much as the enemy. Of course the adult superhero groups tend to have that same problem sometimes, but a lot of them tend to work together more often rather than let their petty problems get in the way.

The movie almost feels like it might be in trouble the moment it’s released into theaters since this type of cartoon plays a lot better on the small screen and likely should have been kept there. But here’s hoping it will do somewhat well.

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