Little Brazilian Girl Lands Unbelievable Skateboard Tricks While Dressed As A Fairy Princess

Little Brazilian Girl Lands Unbelievable Skateboard Tricks While Dressed As A Fairy Princess

The little Brazilian girl you see above dressed in a fairy costume is known for her two things, her choice of dress, and her unbelievable tricks on her skateboard while wearing her favorite fairy princess dress. Her name is Rayssa Leal, more commonly known in her home country as Fadinha Do Skate, which translates out to The Skate Fairy. So far she’s become a legend in her home country and her fame is spreading with every day. She’s even managed to get the attention of skate legend Tony Hawk, who has gone so far as to give her a shoutout. Her skills are so impressive that it seems that there’s not much she can’t do, though the funny thing is that without her wings she seems to biff a little more than usual.

Granted she’s still pretty young and is still learning in some regard, but it really seems as though her wings help out more than people might think. With her complete fairy costume on she shreds better than most of the guys her age and older. She’s become a sensation on Intagram and Facebook and continues to draw in followers on a regular basis while showing off her amazing skill. The number of followers she has at this time is unknown but the skating community is well aware of her and are looking anxiously to see if she’ll be the next bonafide attraction on wheels as she grows older.

One of her followers chimed in by stating that they were a little jealous since no matter what they did they probably wouldn’t achieve anything as cool as this young girl. I can kind of echo that sentiment since it seems that she’s on top of the world at such a young age and a lot of us haven’t felt that way ever even at our current age level. Of course that’s kind of silly to think of because if we think back really hard we can all probably remember at least one moment or more during which we were basking the light of some accomplishment. There’s no need to demean ourselves, or her, for this amazing talent that she has.

Instead it’s impressive and very amusing that she seems to do so much better in her fairy princess outfit than she does at any other time. Obviously the wings and the dress don’t offer enough drag to slow her down. Her talent is great enough to gain her a great amount of attention at this time and one can only hope that it will last as she grows older. If not then she can at least look back and relive the days that she was the Fairy Skater, a skater unlike any other.

I wonder at this point if she’s going to go ahead with this skill and make a career of it, perhaps attend competitions, maybe even the X games if she’s lucky. That would be something to see if her skill level continues to grow and expand.

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