Diving Deeper into the Life of Reality Star Lauren Wirkus

Diving Deeper into the Life of Reality Star Lauren Wirkus

Lauren Wirkus

Lauren Wirkus, a reality star best known for her appearance on “Summer House” alongside her identical twin sister and friends, has led an intriguing life. With a background in finance and a degree in managerial economics from the University of California, Davis, Lauren has navigated the worlds of business, reality television, and even a legal battle. Let’s dive into ten fascinating facts about this captivating reality star.

1. A Unique Family Tradition: The “One Tit Crew”

While most mothers teach their children essential life skills, Lauren’s mother, Dana, had a more unconventional approach. In high school, Dana would drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and encourage everyone to expose their right breast. As an adult, Lauren has continued this quirky tradition with her friends, dubbing themselves the “One Tit Crew.”

2. Lauren’s Foray into the Salon Business

Combining her love for hair and entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren partnered with Crystal Torres, owner of Ethan Rose Salon in Tribeca. After securing a discounted price, Lauren became an equity investor and active managing partner. However, her busy schedule eventually led her to focus solely on marketing the salon.

3. A Legal Battle with a Former Business Partner

Lauren’s business relationship with Crystal Torres took a sour turn when Lauren sued her for a refund of her investment. According to Page Six, Lauren had racked up $90,000 in beauty service arrears, making a refund impossible. The legal battle ensued as Crystal refused to repay the investment.

4. Supporting Her Sister Through a Cancer Scare

In mid-2019, Lauren’s twin sister, Ashley, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma after a routine dermatologist visit. Despite always being cautious about sun exposure, Ashley underwent surgery to remove the cancerous cells. Lauren has been a pillar of support for her sister throughout the ordeal.

5. A Close-Knit Family: Welcoming Baby Dean

When Ashley gave birth to her son, Dean, Lauren and the rest of their family were present in the delivery room, offering moral support to the first-time mother. Lauren even considered moving closer to her sister and nephew, according to Bravo TV.

6. A Lifelong Obsession with Hair

Lauren has always been a self-proclaimed “hair girl,” taking great care of her locks. Despite having oily hair, she washes it only every other two days to avoid damage. She also allows her hair to air-dry after showering to minimize heat styling damage. Lauren’s love for long hair began in childhood when her mother discouraged her and Ashley from cutting their hair short.

7. Living with OCD

Both Lauren and her sister have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which drives them to keep everything organized. During their time on “Summer House,” Lauren found herself constantly cleaning up after her castmates, as no one else met her high standards for cleanliness.

8. A Passion for Fashion

Lauren has always been a fashionista, with her outfits often featured on Big Blonde Hair. She and Ashley have even started a blog where they share their travel experiences and favorite fashion finds.

9. The Journey to Reality Television Stardom

After spending six summers vacationing in the Hamptons with friends, Lauren and her sister were encouraged by a friend to join a reality television show. The friend connected them with producers, and the rest is history. Lauren believes that each cast member of “Summer House” has a unique story to tell, making the show a natural fit for them.

10. A Not-So-Glamorous Reality TV Experience

Lauren recalls a particularly unpleasant experience during her time on “Summer House” when the cast had to live in a house with non-functioning toilets. With no plumber available to fix the issue, the situation quickly became a horrific mess, leaving a lasting impression on the reality star.

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