10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Gussis

Lauren Gussis

Lauren Gussis has been making a name for herself in the world of writing and producing by taking on roles that really suit her skills. She’s well-known for her work on Dexter and E-Ring among others, and she’s even received two Emmy Award nominations. She’s good at what she does, and she brings some serious skill to the screen. She makes us believe in the character she is creating, and it’s always fun to see her work. But, we still don’t know that much about her as a person. She’s relatively private, and she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the press, which means we don’t know much of anything about her personal life. Let’s change that right now.

1. She’s From the Windy City

She was born and raised in Chicago, but that was a while ago. She spent most of the 80s living and learning there with her family, but we don’t know if she is an only child or who she grew up with. There’s little information about her in that right, but we do know she is accustomed to big-city living rather than suburban life.

2. She’s Struggled with Her Body

As a child, she was a girl who didn’t know much about life. She knew that she was meant to be thin and pretty if she wanted to be liked and popular and happy, and that caused her to struggle more than she needed to. Growing up, she struggled significantly with binge-eating. She was 12 when this horrible situation occurred, and she struggled with it most of her life.

3. She Believed a Lot of Lies Growing Up

One of the reasons she struggled so much as a teen and a young adult is that she believed the lies and the hype that went with the pictures depicted in magazines and on television and movie screens. If you can get skinny and pretty, you get to be happy. She always felt that if she could just achieved a better look on the outside, she would be happy on the inside. She wants to change that outlook and belief with her Netflix series ‘Insatiable,’ in which former Disney star Debby Ryan was once fat, got thin, and is really just still completely miserable because she’s focused on all the wrong things.

4. Her Job is to Help Just One Person

When critics slammed the show she created on Netflix, she merely said that her job is to help just one person. If she can help just one person with their life and help them see that they have to reach deep inside and find happiness on the inside and focus on that rather than the outside, she’s done her job. Her job is to make sure that people are not living with such dated and misconstrued beliefs about happiness and their outward appearance.

5. She Went to Northwestern

Education was a big part of her life. She did it the way you’re meant to do it, by going to school, getting good grades, graduating, and then figuring out what she wanted to do with her future. Her personal future included a college career, and she enrolled in Northwestern University where she did what she needed to do to graduate.

6. Her Friends Abandoned Her

Middle school girls can be awful, and I know this because I was once one myself. Sometimes petty and insecure and mean and unkind and terrified and unsure in a world where things are suddenly changing so far and without much explanation, it was like that for her, too. Her friends suddenly decided she didn’t fit in with them, and that is why they stopped spending time with her. Without any explanation or reason, she was alone and she felt like her self-esteem had abandoned her, too. That’s when she developed her eating disorders.

7. Those Experiences Turned her On to Writing

Writing can fill such a void in your life when you feel that things are out of your control. What you write is solely up to you. It’s under your control. No one can take that from you, and that’s why she turned to this outlet in middle school. She also began taking part in theater, too, where she made some new friends and she was able to find a bit more of herself even though she felt that she lost so much of who she is. In hindsight, that’s what turned her onto the path she’s on right now, where success and helping people are big in her life. In the moment, though, the devastation of that is too much.

8. Old Friends Apologized

Since her show aired, and people began to see what it was all about, she’s heard from so many people who have reached out to her and told her that they are sorry, including old friends who abandoned her. Because she is a class act, she wasn’t looking for that, and she told her old friends that it wasn’t something she was looking for, but that she did appreciate the sentiment.

9. She’s Happy Now

She might not have been a very happy kid because of so many reasons, but she’s living her best life right now. She’s got a supportive and loving family, and she’s a big fan of showing them off on her social media. Her son might be the most adorable little guy around, and she’s got to be quite proud of his sweet smile and what appears to be a darling personality.

10. Her Marriage Seems Solid

Flip through her Instagram feed and you’ll see photo after photo of herself with her husband and their son, and they are always all smiles. They seem to have big personalities that allow them to enjoy one another and really enjoy life, which is what it’s all about. It seems like things are really going well for her now, and we love that for a strong woman who is facing her life head on and with vigor.

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