10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julia Butters

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julia Butters

There is a new star in Hollywood and her name is Julia Butters. The 10 year old is from Los Angeles where she has lived all her life. So far she has met most celebrities than any other child probably has but it is no big deal to her. To her even being in a Tarantino film is only “cool;” she has no idea how much actors would be willing to give up just to be in one of his films. Well she is only a child having the time of her life and here are some facts to know about her.

1. She has been to Leonardo DiCaprio’s house

Meeting Leonardo could be a dream come true for most actors and Julia has been fortunate enough to not only meet him but spend time with him in his home. When Julia first met Leonardo, she had no idea who she was until her mother told her that all the people on set were famous. Therefore after meeting him at the table read, Leonardo invited Julia and her mother to his home where Julia could run her lines. He was not just a kind host with a lovely home, he was also a professional who wanted Julia to give her best. Leonardo thus gave Julia tips on how to improve her performance by changing facial expressions or saying words differently.

2. How Tarantino came to have her on the cast of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Everything happens for a reason and for Julia Butters, how she came to be on Tarantino’s film is all but things working themselves out. As luck would have it, Tarantino loves some background noise usually in the form of television. That day, as he wrote the script for the movie, “American Housewife” was on and Julia who plays Anna-Kat in the sitcom was reciting a monologue title “Bloody Becky.” Tarantino was so impressed by the little girl that he said he would have her audition. When Julia walked into the auditions, Tarantino knew her immediately and called her out “Anna-Kat!” Of course having already seen what Julia is capable of it came as no surprise that she got the role.

3. Her mixed reaction to being compared with Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is the one actor who has received the most academy award nominations. Therefore to be compared to her, it is a compliment and Julia felt flattered for Leonardo comparing her to young Meryl. Still, since she is only 10 years and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was set in 1969 that would have Meryl at 20 years old which had Julia mad for the comparison. Matter of fact is it also led to the media thinking that Julia would be playing a young Meryl Streep in the film.

4. She had never watched any Tarantino films before “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

For Julia “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has been the platform for many firsts. Besides meeting most celebrities in person for the first time, it provided her the chance to watch movies she might otherwise never have. For instance, Julia met Quentin Tarantino for the first time on the set of the film and later her mother allowed her to watch it. However, since most of Tarantino’s films are too violent for children, she never even got to watch “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” till the end.

5. Her family

Although there are no details of Julia having any siblings, we know that her father, Darrin Butters could have influenced Julia’s love for the cameras. Darrin is an animator and among his works are “Tangled,” which happens to be Julia’s favorite according to the Hollywood Reporter, and “Frozen.” Julia’s mother, Lorelei is a homemaker and she also manages Julia’s Twitter account.

6. She was a baby model

Julia’s journey into the acting profession began with her working as baby model. At only four years old, while other kids are interested in making new friends in kindergarten, Julia was busy laying a foundation for the actress she is today. They had an acting coach as their neighbor and since she was such a shy baby, they resorted to having her as a baby model. Julia therefore did commercials and she ended up loving it so much that she then transitioned to the film industry.

7. Her acting career

After showing her potential in commercials, Julia made her debut in the film industry through “Criminal Minds.” As if her stars are always aligned to propel her to the top, Julia’s mother had a friend working on the series and she wrote Julia to play Gabby Hoffer, a four-year old who goes missing. Julia has become a familiar face playing Anna-Kat on “American Housewife” where she has OCD but she had other roles previously. She was on “Transparent” series and the film “13 Hours.” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is however her highest-profile project, to date.

8. Her favorite filmmaker

According to Vanity Fair, Julia considers Steven Spielberg her favorite filmmaker. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see him on the set of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as he said he was dropping by to see Quentin. Julia was afraid that her idol would turn out to be a not-so-pleasant person but thankfully, Steven turned out to be all that Julia imagined he would be. Her dream job would be working with him.

9. She thought Brad Pitt was a musician before meeting him

Julia could be considered one of the luckiest girls to ever meet so many celebrities at once. The only problem is that she was not excited about seeing them because she had no idea who they were. While every lady would be gushing over Brad Pitt, Julia only knew his name, not the face. She even thought he was a musician. Julia’s face-to-face meetings with celebrities was not done because in the movie’s premiere, she also got to rub shoulders with Bradley Cooper, Britney Spears and many more.

10. She watched Titanic after meeting Leonardo DiCaprio

“Titanic” is one film that never grows old especially for the romantics who always cry as it ends. Unfortunately for Julia, she had never had the pleasure of watching young Leonardo DiCaprio sacrifice himself to keep the love of his life alive; well, not until she met in him in person and realized how good of an actor he is. Moreover, she had never watched any of his films before either and after seeing “Titanic,” Julia found Leo to be so good.

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