Joe Exotic Now has an official Tiger King Crypto Coin

Joe Exotic Now has an official Tiger King Crypto Coin

Joe Exotic Now has an official Tiger King Crypto Coin

Yep, we’re still hearing about Joe Exotic, the self-styled Tiger King, and this time it’s in the form of cryptocurrency, which is experiencing a pretty big surge thanks to a few different sources. The plan is apparently to get enough people interested in the Tiger King coin to pay for Joe’s defense fund since it would appear that the guy is still seeking to come up with some way to get out of prison. What’s even more amazing, though it’s not too surprising, unfortunately, is that there are a lot of people that are willing to buy these coins and support Joe in their own way. Some are bound to do this out of some misguided sense of belief that Joe is a decent human being as he’s been trying to claim, while others might do it out of some perverse interest to get in on what a few might think of as a moment in pop culture history that they simply can’t miss out on. It’s enough to make a person shake their head and roll their eyes to think that anyone is still giving anything to Joe, but freedom of choice being what it is, there’s no way to stop anyone unless they’re trying to do something that’s bound to break a law in the process. The Tiger King coin came out not long after Carole Baskin, Joe’s mortal enemy, came out, which is definitely to be expected since to be fair, it doesn’t sound as though Joe is going to let this feud go anytime soon. Thinking that the fight between Joe and Carole is going to simply burn out while he’s incarcerated is beyond naive, but when it comes to cryptocurrency one has to wonder just who’s going to come out ahead since it sounds as though Baskin’s own attempts at creating a crypto coin are less about generating revenue than it is about offering another token to her fans that they can keep and cherish. If you’re not willing to believe that entirely don’t worry, you’re not alone, but the fact is that Carole has made it clear that the coins are for the fans and aren’t meant to be an investment.

At this point, one has to wonder how far things are going to go with the Tiger King and with Carole Baskin, and where it will all end. That answer feels as though it’s going to be long in coming since upon watching the documentary on Netflix, a lot of people couldn’t help but get hooked on the story, and many others were fully ready to pick sides between Joe and Carole, no matter who said what or how much ‘evidence’ was presented in one case or another. The story had started and things were bound to keep rolling as people had already picked up on the details they wanted to know more about or had turned off the TV to find something more amusing. Oh yes, there are still enough people with that much common sense to steer clear of this story, since it doesn’t appear to have any end, even with Joe in prison and Carole still doing her thing, which some feel is entirely shady but others feel is about as above-board as it can be. Whatever a person’s decision concerning Carole or Joe, the story of the Tiger King has been a mess for a while now, and it’s fair to say that this cryptocurrency matter isn’t going to be any easier than the rest of their spat. At the very least it won’t end up with Joe wearing a bloodied rabbit costume while protesting around Carole’s property. Or maybe he will once again if he ever gets out, who knows?

The point of this is that this current move by both big cat enthusiasts is yet another chapter in their ongoing struggle against each other, no matter that a lot of people have moved on to the next big attraction, leaving them to their squabbling, if in fact, Carole is still acknowledging Joe as an equal. It’s hard to say really since even in prison Joe is content to make a nuisance of himself now and again, as though eager to remind the world that he still exists. The fact that he still has followers at this point isn’t too surprising or appalling since people have made a personal investment in his life in one way or another, and are bound to want to see this come to fruition in some way. It might be something that’s easy to shake your head at since the idea that someone that’s done the things that Joe has done, allegedly, and acted the way he’s acted, could keep trying for a comeback is hard to deal with. But oh well, it’s not like people HAVE to pay attention to him.

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