10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Saunders

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Saunders

Being funny and loving what you do sounds like the ideal life when it comes to being famous. Jennifer Saunders is someone that might be well-known to a lot of people across the pond and possibly on the eastern side of the US, but if people across the rest of the country know her it’s likely that they’ve heard or seen her somewhere and enjoyed her act. To call her optimistic about life seems like it would be dimming the enthusiasm she seems to have for her work just a bit, but it might at least be a good start since quite honestly she really seems to get into what she does. Her attitude towards her job is enlightening as it sounds like she has nothing more than love for her profession and is greatly appreciative of being able to continue it year after year. That’s the kind of person that found the right path and just kept walking.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She began her career at The Comedy Store in London.

No it’s not an actual store in the literal sense, but it is a club where comedians come to make people laugh and possibly get noticed as they get up on stage and give their best material over to the people to be judged in various ways. The best comedians obviously will be those that can get the crowd on their side and rolling with each joke as they keep coming. It’s also obvious that Saunders was quite good at what she chose to do.

9. She actually declined Officer of the British Empire honors.

This is kind of odd since these awards aren’t just handed out to anyone and to turn them down almost seems like turning down a congressional medal of freedom in America, it’s bound to cause a stir since there’s no telling what the reason for saying no to it would be. But she obviously had her reasons.

8. She had a part in Shrek 2.

Saunders played the part of the fairy godmother in this movie and despite the sweet, almost grandmotherly appearance her character was given she was absolutely devious. Not only was she Prince Charming’s mother, but she was bent on making sure Fiona was turned back into a human and made to marry her son.

7. She had to have a voice coach for her part in Shrek 2.

The opening song that brings the fairy godmother into the story is all her, which means she had to have a voice coach come in and guide her through the lyrics in order to make it sound as good as she could. It’s not known if she did the song near the end in the Baker Boys fashion, but considering that she did this one it’s very likely.

6. She auditioned for the part of Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

This would have been an interesting development. Actress Pat Carroll ended up getting the part of Ursula and she did an amazing job of bringing the evil sea witch to life, but it still would have been intriguing to hear a different voice coming out of Ursula’s mouth. Perhaps Saunders wasn’t quite diabolical enough in her delivery.

5. Her daughters related to the Spice Girls.

This isn’t too hard to believe since the Spice Girls were all about empowering women in a manner of speaking and were quite popular during their time. Their message was rather positive but seemed to get muddled as time went on and their fame started to lessen.

4. She writes based on her experience.

Saunders writes mostly for women and uses her own life experiences to fuel her material. She does go on to state that she’s not a feminist but does enjoy writing from a point of view that women can understand and relate to.

3. Her career started in 1981.

She got her start at the age of 23 and has been going pretty steady ever since. Just once it would be great to sit down and ask someone that started in the 80s just what it was like back then and how it feels to see everything change so much. For that matter it’d be nice to hear their point of view on how life has changed for those from the 50s and 60s as well.

2. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

After several treatments she managed to fight her way back to a healthy standpoint and she’s still optimistic about her life. While breast cancer is quite serious it doesn’t seem that there’s much that can keep her spirits down for long, if at all.

1. She’s won quite a few awards.

Saunders is quite an accomplished woman and has been nominated many times and won quite a few awards in her time as well.

She seems like a woman that knows what she wants out of life, which is refreshing.

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