Why Jeff Goldblum Is the Perfect Choice to Play the Wizard in Wicked

Why Jeff Goldblum Is the Perfect Choice to Play the Wizard in Wicked

Jeff Goldblum has revealed he will be playing the Wizard in Wicked, the film adaptation of the critically acclaimed Broadway show. The Independence Day actor shared the news in a Goldblumian moment while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, establishing one of the few known facts about the tight-lipped production. Goldblum is always a treat onscreen (where is he not?), but the excitement that greeted the confirmation proves he’s the perfect choice for the classic character.

The announcement is another milestone since efforts to make a film adaptation of the Tony-winning show began over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve learned it will star Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba and Ariana Grande as Glinda. It will also be a two-parter, directed by Jon M. Chu, and news of Jeff as Wizard is worthy getting excited about. Here’s why.

Jeff Goldblum Has Shown He Can Play Charming But Complex Characters

Jeff Goldblum as the colorful, eccentric Grandmaster

Over five decades in Hollywood, Jeff Goldblum has displayed a remarkable ability to play complex characters, imbuing them with a charismatic flair that forever endears them to the audience. The most obvious example is Jurassic Park‘s Ian Malcolm, a skeptic mathematician whose criticism of scientific hubris is eternally enshrined in pop culture in five words “Life, uh, finds a way.” Then there’s his role in The Big Chill as Michael Gold, an unfulfilled writer grappling — along with his college friends — with his life choices, regrets, and losing the idealism of his youth. His performance contributed to the film’s nomination for the Best Picture award.

Throw in his intense performance as the eccentric scientist Seth Brundle in David Cronenberg’s gruesome The Flyand it’s hard not to see why Jeff Goldblum is the best choice to play a modern version of the Wizard of Oz. A character renowned for his manipulative, charismatic, and enigmatic display to appear great and powerful. The only difference between him and Jeff is the actor doesn’t need elaborate magic tricks to be any of those things.

Jeff Goldblum’s Musical Background Makes Him A Perfect Fit for Wicked

Jeff Goldblum performing with his band

One other way Jeff Goldblum is the ideal choice to play Wizard in Wicked is his extensive musical background. Call it another way his Goldblumness expresses itself. He’s been playing the piano since his childhood as a hobby, ever since his parents enrolled him in lessons. The film star is also a best-selling jazz musician with a touring schedule. He also has three published albums to his name. When he finally appears in Wicked, it won’t be his first musical, either. Since his stage debut in 1971, Jeff has performed in over ten plays, including two musicals, Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Music Man.

For a musical whose success largely rests on the quality of the music, it’s great that the film’s stars have a natural affinity and talent for music. Goldblum’s chemistry with other performers, which includes elite vocalists Erivo and Grande, also makes him an excellent fit. According to Jeff Goldblum, the gang of three has spent a lot of time singing together, on set, and at a party. The result? He hopes to work with both on music in the future. Sounds like the makings of a classic Hollywood musical.

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