Isn’t It Time for Magneto to Lead the X-Men in a Movie?

Isn’t It Time for Magneto to Lead the X-Men in a Movie?

It might sound like an odd question to anyone that doesn’t know that much about the X-Men but might have seen one of the movies, but the truth is that Magneto has taken command of the team at a couple of points in the history of the X-Men. It might be that those that remember this don’t want to since Magneto was introduced as a villain in the beginning and he usually slip-slides his way back into that role very quickly since his idea of where mutants belong in the hierarchy of the world tends to make him a bit of an extremist at times. But if the MCU is willing to do something truly different with the X-Men when they finally bring them in then this might be one of the better ideas since, to tell the truth, Magneto does have a valid point sometimes when it comes to his views of humanity. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a certified psycho now and then since he believes that mutants are the future and that living with humans isn’t even close to possible. 

After all, the persecution of mutants in the comics has been absolutely horrible over the years and the manner in which they’re treated has been horrifying at times. Magneto managed to get a double dose of this as a child since he was shipped off to a death camp with his parents during World War II, where according to the movies his powers manifested for the first time by accident. But from that time forward, Magneto became a survivor and harbored a very serious hate for humanity that never really went away. But somehow, he did become the leader that the X-Men needed a time or two since the writers apparently decided that he needed to have a slight change of heart, meaning that he wasn’t out to kill everyone that wasn’t human, and he was able to reconcile with the X-Men long enough to lead them for a while. 

Just imagine this kind of development in a movie. We’ve already seen Magneto lead other mutants in Dark Phoenix, and they were even peaceful when they were left alone. But once Jean Grey came calling the peace was broken quickly since she couldn’t control herself and went on a rampage that Magneto couldn’t support. It was only when an alien race intent on stealing the Phoenix Force and likely harming Jean attacked the mutants that Magneto stood up and defended her. A movie in which the X-Men were seen to follow Magneto’s lead would be kind of interesting, to say the least since it would bring up a lot of questions no doubt, and would leave a lot of fans stating that this was kind of a fluke when it happened. The thing is that the movies aren’t clinging as closely as possible to the comics, which means that changes are bound to happen and that just about anything is free game so long as it makes some kind of sense and is able to propel the story forward. Looking at everything the MCU has done thus far it’s safe to say that they’ve pulled away from the comics quite a bit while picking and choosing what they want to use and when it’s bound to be the most useful. 

From Iron Man to Endgame the evidence that the MCU isn’t following Marvel exactly to the letter has been more than evident. People have been eating it up though, and while Sony has been mucking up the X-Men somehow with each new movie, the MCU has been killing it for the most part with all but a few movies. The ability to change a story just enough to make it work into the current MCU storyline has been impressive, to say the least, but when it comes to the X-Men it almost feels as though the MCU is bound to play fast and loose with the storylines and do something that people aren’t going to be expecting, which isn’t too terrible, but could be enough to get a lot of fans talking and possibly squawking about the developments they don’t care to see. Magneto as the leader of the X-Men though…that’s an idea that has some merit at least. 

It would certainly be a change that might shake things up just enough to catch fans off guard and make them aware that whatever they think they know about this particular team is about to change in a big way. Of course, the MCU could surprise everyone and stick to the script that Marvel laid down so long ago, but how likely does that really feel? It’s bound to be a while until we see any development for the X-Men, but as of now, it’s bound to happen that people are going to start talking about anything and everything related to the group. 

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