Is Police Academy Getting a Reboot on HBO Max?

Is Police Academy Getting a Reboot on HBO Max?

If you’re hearing the Police Academy music in your head as you read this then you remember the movies very well and might even be up for a reboot, or possibly just watching the movies once again since despite being kind of goofy they were undeniably funny. So far the word is that the movies will be getting another chance to shine in the form of their own show on HBO Max, but when this will happen is anyone’s guess at this point. Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb, among others, might have a lot of people thinking that it could be coming fairly soon but until a full cast is announced and dates are given there’s really nothing else but anticipation at the moment. It does sound as though Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow are already attached to the project, which is a huge up since the two of them are a big part of the main cast and would be two of the most welcome faces to return for a series. Unfortunately some of the other that helped make the movies so great won’t be able to return since Bubba Smith, David Graf, and George Gaynes, Hightower, Tackleberry, and Commandant Lassard respectively, passed away between the years of 2001 and 2016. Such news was tragic to hear back then and it’s still lamentable since they were three of the other members that helped to make the movies somewhat addictive and absolutely hilarious. Bobcat Goldthwait, who played the growling character of Zed, has been thought of as well, but unfortunately he gave up the character years ago without any regrets. Whether or not he’d take up the role of Zed again is kind of doubtful as he’s wanted nothing to do with the project.

The good news about a Police Academy reboot is that there are plenty of directions to go with it, though in a way it’s kind of thankful that Jordan Peele is a little too busy to do anything with it at this point since it does sound as though he would prefer to take it down a realistic course rather than stick with the loony feel that the movies built up over the years. It’s not a desire to see things remain absolutely the same as they’ve been in the past, but something about Police Academy simply demands that it be kept light, a bit loose, and hopefully comedic and not too ground in reality, much as it’s been throughout the years. Keeping that light-hearted air to the project is something that could possibly draw in a new crowd as well as keep the old fans interested, but it’s going to be up to whoever gets to take over the project to determine the voice and direction of the series. One thing that’s really easy to hope for is that they’ll give mention to some of the people that have come and gone throughout the movies, especially some of the greats. Perhaps give their characters a sendoff or a mention in the series as to how they passed, as a character such as Tackleberry would absolutely deserve to go down in a spectacular, if somewhat humorous manner.

Nostalgia is the name of the game at this time and it’s bringing back a host of shows and movies that have been long since thought laid to rest and kept as a part of pop culture lore. But Police Academy is one that’s been spoken of for many years now in terms of a return or a reboot, so it’s not too hard to at least acknowledge that it might be time to put up or shut up. It’s regrettable to think that several people might not return either because they have no interest or because they’re too busy, or have grown too old to really get back in the swing of things. What is easy to wonder though is if names such as Marion Ramsey, G.W. Bailey, or Kim Cattrall would be added to the list, but whether or not they’re interested the show could hopefully bridge the gap that started in the 90s and has been allowed to stretch this far. There are those that might actually be against it returning since leaving well enough alone has been the common idea, in fact I still harbor a personal belief that not every story has the absolute need to be brought in to the spotlight again if only because some tales were given a pleasing and definitive ending to enjoy. Police Academy however is something that can be rebooted in a way that can bridge generations and allow each person to enjoy their favorite aspects as the old and the new are brought together in a way that works on a number of different levels. It won’t be like it used to be probably, but that’s okay, few things ever are.

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