Is it Possible James Bond is Just a Decoy?

Is it Possible James Bond is Just a Decoy?

Is it Possible James Bond is Just a Decoy?

Out of all the theories that are being tossed around continually concerning movies and TV shows, this one is more than mildly amusing since it kind of debunks the overall efficiency of one of the most famous spies, if not THE most famous, in cinematic history. James Bond is a name that’s known by so many people that uttering it in any part of the world is bound to get a reaction so long as one isn’t speaking to an inanimate object. The very name ‘Bond’ is enough to send bad guys in the movies either running for the hills or to make sure that their armory is well stocked and their henchmen aren’t soiling themselves before Bond even shows up. But this theory poses that this is a clever trick by MI6 since it’s easy to think that Bond is meant as more of a distraction than any real threat since there are many elements of the movies that make it ridiculous to think that he’s a true spy or even that effective when it comes to his job. 

Yes, he’s deadly, and yes he’s highly skilled when it comes to a fight and to using various types of weaponry. But one thing that Bond isn’t is stealthy or even fully capable of blending into a crowd. The guy is an internationally known individual that has shown his face and been part of the biggest operations in the world, and on top of that, the fact that there have been survivors that have gotten a look at him would make it next to impossible to think that he might be able to move about without disguising himself in some way to avoid any undue attention. At this point, Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible is a better spy than Bond since he at least hides his face and wears various disguises to get into and out of various places. 

Sending James Bond into any situation, as MI6 does, is akin to Burt giving Melvin a gun in Tremors, that sense of confidence’s given to the individual that’s meant to pump up their ego and make them think that they’re important. Bond is genuinely skilled as I’ve already said, and he has gone up against people who are equally skilled but rarely have a greater skill set than he does. Were Bond to come across someone that was so far above him as to be able to shut him down a few quick moves, it feels likely that the plot armor would thicken and he’d be given some way out that the enemy hadn’t thought of, which would reinforce the idea that he’s just ‘that good’. But the theory is that with Bond there to distract everyone and give them the enemy something to focus on, MI6 can accomplish their missions in a much more efficient manner since Bond is off being the blunt instrument that he always is while engaging in the type of behavior that people have grown used to, such as drinking, womanizing, and causing a ruckus that effectively hides the real covert operatives from being noticed. 

In reality, Bond would be one of the worst spies ever since this is a guy who’s been blowing his own cover for decades by announcing himself in a manner that might scare off low-level bad guys and those that don’t want the hassle, but is bound to make the most hardcore enemies laugh since those that aren’t foolish enough to fall for the bait have proved that they can strike where and whenever they want. Those that aren’t as skilled or confident are essentially the types that Bond will find easy to take out, or simply move right past, which allows MI6 to mop up on them and achieve their objective. Bond is a pretty face in a suit that’s there to act as a smokescreen, as the theory would indicate, and is more of a highly-trained joke than a real spy. The proof is the fact that a spy isn’t meant to be noticed, is typically in and out before people ever knew they were there, and isn’t bound to belly up to the bar for a martini in the middle of an op. 

In a sense, Bond is the Conan of spy movies since his name strikes fear into several people and infuriates others, and he’s a little too obvious when he’s making his way through a place. And of course, when the action starts he’s the guy that’s in the thick of it taking people out left and right, instead of sneaking away in the chaos as an actual spy would do to avoid being noticed. A lot of people might not like this theory since it kind of paints Bond as a boorish buffoon that doesn’t know he’s being used, but it does make at least a little bit of sense. 

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