Indiana Jones 5 Will Make Mention of Shia LaBeouf’s Absence

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Fans tend to notice things when trailers hit the internet, and one thing that was noticed when Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny came out was that there was no sign of Mutt, Indy’s son and possibly one of the least favorite characters from the last movie. Whether people were that sad to see this omission or not isn’t easy to state since there’s been no general outcry concerning his absence. But then again, no one has entered a plea to bring him back or started a petition to keep Shia in the franchise, meaning that it’s far more likely that his lack of presence won’t upset that many people. It was apparent that many Indy fans weren’t too happy with his casting, but without reading the many different reasons why it would have been tough to figure out why Shia had earned such a response. Of course, if one had been paying attention to his declining reputation beforehand, it might have helped since, at one time, Shia was a very popular actor, and some would argue that he’s still popular but has lost a lot of his appeal. While it’s hard to pin down when that happened, it’s easy to note from the many different responses online that Shia was well-liked in this movie since the disparaging remarks about Mutt didn’t hold back that often. As such, it’s not tough to think of why he’s not in the fifth movie. 

credit: Indiana Jones 4

For one reason or another, Mutt did not sit well with the audience

One might have thought that Mutt would have been a fine sidekick to Indiana. He had the attitude, he had a right look for the time, and yet for some reason, he didn’t stand out as the type of character that fit with Jones and his overall story. It’s odd to think this since Shia was set up to make this work. But somehow, people didn’t respond to him in the desired way, and his character fell flat in a very big way. Marion was welcomed back with open arms since she was one of the favorite characters from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It might have had something to do with the fact that Marion already had history, and Mutt felt like a character with been slapped into place without having earned his spot. Some might think this doesn’t matter, but the fact is that this type of role is very conditional and can only work with certain individuals. Ray Winstone is one of those. 

The next movie is said to reference Mutt, which might be the best

Given that the next movie will occur after another time jump, Mutt will likely have changed his mind about adventuring or decided not to pursue his father’s path. It did appear as though this might have been about to happen at the end of the fourth movie, as the torch’s passing was only interrupted when Indy took his hat back from Mutt before walking out of the church with Marion on his arm. It could be that Mutt found another path to follow that did not include treasure-hunting, or maybe something occurred between him and his father that split them apart. It’s not hard to imagine since they didn’t have the strongest bond to begin with. 

credit: Indiana Jones 4

Mention of Mutt is to be expected

As much as people didn’t like him, and it’s hard to deny, it’s still a smart idea to mention him since he did have a very noticeable role. Not mentioning him would have been a mistake since not only would it have been akin to denial that he’d ever been there, it would have been, for lack of a better term, rude. Recognizing the contributions of the various actors that have made a franchise work, even if they weren’t particularly well-liked, is still important since it goes toward telling a worthwhile story that includes the good and the bad. Mutt wasn’t a great character in the eyes of many fans, but he was a part of the franchise, so he deserves at least some respect. 

Fans are expecting to see Marion, so maybe there’s a slight chance to see Mutt

Marion is a well-liked and well-respected character that a lot of fans were happy to see in the last movie, but since she’s Mutt’s mother, it sounds fair to think that he might have a cameo at the very least. If not, then there might be more than one mention of his character throughout the movie. It stands to reason that being the son of Indy and Marion might make it possible to see him at least once and that denying it is just a clever ploy to keep people on their toes. 

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