Important Life Lessons The Show Riverdale Teaches Us

Important Life Lessons The Show Riverdale Teaches Us

Riverdale is a show that is based on the Archie comics, but unlike the comics it is not nearly as light-hearted. Rather, the characters highlighted in the comics, including the fierce Veronica Lodge, clueless Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, learn about a murder that was committed in their calm town.  While the show is only in its 2nd season, the lessons shared the relate to real life issues are plausible. The show also includes some non-mysterious things that make up useful life lessons that everyone should embrace.

Here are five key life lessons the show Riverdale teaches.

Learn to forgive others

The power of forgiveness in Riverdale is highlighted in several cases. One of the best examples is shown in the friendship between Archie and Jughead. Jughead is introspective and emo, so naturally, he finds it difficult to get along with some of the Friends of Archie. With this ensuing, Archie ditches Jughead to pursue some meathead jocks and as a result Archie cancels their road trip scheduled to take place on the Fourth of July.

Jughead learns about all these developments, but after Archie shows interest in seeking forgiveness through an apology, Jughead puts their friendship before anything and forgives him. This teaches us that frivolous acts should not be allowed to ruin friendship that has lasted years, and when anything happens that threatens to kill the bond it is wise to embrace forgiveness.

Avoid telling lies

In Riverdale, you will see many encounters of people who keep secrets. For example, Cheryl understood that her brother Jason was faking his death before he unfortunately died for real. Many of those probed about the death of Jason are not open to give information, and if these people came out with the exact details about what happened, it would take a shorter period of time to conclude the case. This shows there is no good in lying to satisfy your agenda.

Overcome your fears

Archie is passionate about music, but one of his biggest challenges is getting out there lyrically without succumbing to stage-fright. He is afraid of singing in public although he would like to share his creations. Fortunately, he gets the support of Josie and the Pussycats who agree to perform his song. While Archie would have performed better if he took center stage, it still remains difficult to share his music to the larger audience because he has to do this through Josie and the Pussycats. Fear denies him an opportunity to express himself. This shows that you should not let fear overcome you if you want to emerge triumphant in anything.

Don’t judge others

There is a lot of judging going on within the small town. When her father gets arrested, Veronica’s family is hit by a host of challenges, and this forces Hermione to become a waitress to make ends meet. Cheryl confronts Veronica over the decision by Hermione to become a waitress as if to suggest being a waitress is something everyone should be ashamed of. Additionally, Betty’s mum also castigates all the moves her daughter makes. All the judgment and shaming that is thrown on Veronica and her family serves to make their wounds worse. If there wasn’t any judgment and shaming coming their way, the family would probably be happier. Don’t judge others and always stand up for those trodden by situations.

Pursue your passion

Archie battles a situation where heavy expectations are placed upon him. His father is of the opinion that he should work in construction while his coach insists he should put his focus on football. However, Archie doesn’t find any of these suggestions fulfilling because his passion is in music. Therefore, he rejects both invitations and decides to guard his passion. He writes his song and although it takes time to have it played, his father eventually supports him. He decides to study music in college after turning down an offer to be a football captain.

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