How to Complete Iron Banner Quest “Iron-Handed Diplomacy” in Destiny 2

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With a new season of Destiny 2 on our hands (Season of the Splicer), that means we’ve got a new Iron Banner quest to complete and unlock new gear. At the time of writing this, these quest steps were found on, so there may be a bit of a difference in game (like if Bungie decides to randomly revert the retroactivity of certain steps without warning.) The quest involves six different steps – or five if you don’t count returning to Lord Saladin, but since counts it, we’re counting it. So, how do you complete the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest for Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer? Well, there’s quite a few steps that require kills with specific weapons that I’m sure a few people won’t be too happy about, but it does make sense as the new Iron Banner weapons reflect these quest step requirements.

Iron Banner Quest

So, as I touched on above, there are six total quest steps that you will be required to go through in order to complete the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest for Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer. These steps include:

  • Leverage the Void
    • “In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Arc or Void ability final blows.”

In order to complete Leverage the Void, you’ll need to get ten Arc or Void ability final blows, capture a total of ten zones, and defeat thirty Guardians in Iron Banner. This shouldn’t be entirely all that difficult, as Void ability kills seem to be about the easiest subclass to snag ability kills, due to the quick ability recharge time through the use of certain Exotics such as Nezarec’s Sin (Warlock Helmet) and Contraverse Hold (Warlock Gloves.) Capturing 10 zones shouldn’t be all that hard either, since Iron Banner seems to be exclusively the Control game mode, and the entire goal of Control is to capture zones. You can easily get this done in a single game, but realistically it’ll probably take you 2-3 matches if you’re not entirely focused on capturing zones. Even if you do manage to capture 10 zones in a single game, you’ll still need to defeat 30 Guardians, which is also very manageable depending on the skill of everyone in the game.

  • Negotiation by Force
    • “In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: complete matches, capture zones, and get Hand Cannon final blows.”

You’ll need to complete six matches of Iron Banner, get 20 H FIron Banner, get 20 Hand Cannon final blows, and capture 20 zones in Iron Banner to complete the Negotiation by Force quest step. 20 zones sounds like a lot, but if this quest is anything like what we’ve seen in previous Iron Banner quests, it’ll be retroactive, so you really only need to capture another 10 zones since your last step, or you might be able to avoid this step entirely if you capture 20 zones before you even finish Leverage the Void.

  • Adversarial Relations
    • “In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Sniper Rifle final blows.”

In order to complete Adversarial Relations, you’ll need to capture 30 total zones, defeat 100 Guardians, and get ten Sniper Rifle final blows. Like the previous steps, the zones and guardians defeated should be retroactive, so you won’t actually need to do all of that mess over again.

  • Hostile Takeovers
    • “In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: get Melee final blows, capture zones, and get Shotgun final blows.”

You’ll need to get a total of ten Shotgun final blows, defeat 15 Guardians with melee abilities, and capture 40 zones in Iron Banner to complete this quest step. I sure can’t wait until everyone gets to this step, because I love nothing more than people running around with Shotguns without an objective that requires them to use Shotguns. Of course, I guess I can’t really complain since I run around with a Shotgun sometimes, but at least it’s a precision frame, right?

  • Gunboat Diplomacy
    • “In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: get Super final blows, Machine Gun final blows, and earn match points. Earn 3 match points for a win, and 1 for a loss.”

If you’re sick of doing this Iron Banner quest, don’t worry you’re almost done! You just need to get a total of 3 Machine Gun final blows, get 15 Super final blows, and earn 25 match points. You can earn match points by completing matches of Iron Banner – you earn 3 match points for a win, and 1 for a loss, so if you win all of your games, you’ll need about 8 or 9 games to complete this step, but if you lose every game you’ll need to complete 25 matches.

  • Reaping Rewards
    • Return to Lord Saladin

All you have to do now is go back to Saladin at the Tower and this will complete your Season of the Splicer Iron Banner quest! Enjoy all the loot you’ve collected!

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