Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 15 Review: “E ‘Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)”

Hawaii Five-0

The case in this week’s Hawaii Five-0 involves a freelance journalist with a penchant for covering dangerous areas where people are found dead in alleys. The journalist, Julius Brennan, is a source of mystery as first; he has had very little work in the last few months, and he has hand-written notes in a tattoo form on his chest. The same type of work is found in Brennan’s room, so Jerry is tasked with cracking the code while the team works the rest of the case. An old colleague further convinces the team that Brennan was not the man he used to be, and all clues point to his death being linked to his time in the Congo. The team is opened to a war-torn world that Brennan experienced, and an enemy he made while in the region. This enemy is Roko Makoni (played by Barkhad Abdi, who did a fantastic job playing opposite Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips), and what’s worse is that Makoni is discovered to be very much alive and living in Oahu, despite rumors of his death being reported by the CIA.

Turns out that an old colleague of Brennan’s turned traitor in exchange for blood diamonds and decided he would rather not be taken in alive. Makoni is not that selfless, instead deciding to take hostages in a bomb-wired taxi in order to get off the island. What results is a futile conversation between Steve and Makoni about the rationale of terrorism. We know this is just a stall tactic because there is no negotiating with terrorists, not because of principle, but because their minds will never be swayed. Steve buys Kono just enough time to put a bullet in Makoni (seriously, this girl has amazing sniper skills!), and she chooses not to take a head shot because “a bullet to the head would have been too easy for him.”

If you think Valentine’s Day is supposed to put Danny in a good mood, you’d be very wrong. A technological error provides Danno with all of the texts between daughter Grace and a boy in her class. Danno is on a rampage over the “little thug” who dares ask his little girl what her favorite type of candy is. Steve is right; Danny could use some more therapy as his daughter enters her teen years. While it may seem like Danny is overreacting, when Grace actually lies to her father about where she is going to be for the afternoon (ice cream with a boy instead of studying at a friend’s), Steve shuts up. Though Danny goes to bust his daughter, he takes a big step forward and chooses instead to trust that she can make good choices. Grace proves that she can when she confesses the truth to her dad, and we see that Grace and Danny truly are each other’s Valentine’s.

Danny isn’t the only one “bahumbugging” the holiday, as he has company there with Dr. Shaw. It is Jerry of all people, the conspiracy theorist of Oahu, who has a sweet outlook on a holiday where people appreciate each other. At his friend’s encouragement, Jerry steps up to the plate with Shaw, and the results are sweet.

Now be honest, raise your hand if those heart-shaped burgers Grover was flipping looked amazing!

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