10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hallie Jackson

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hallie Jackson

Hallie jackson

Hallie Jackson is best known for her work as the Chief White-House correspondent for NBC News. She has a familiar face and she enters the homes of millions of Americans each day as she reports on the current happenings in Washington DC. She presents the breaking news and keeps us all informed about what’s going on with the presidency and the leaders who govern our nation, and although most of us know that she’s a top-notch professional reporter there is a lot about her that we’re not aware of. To help you get to know her better, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Hallie Jackson.

1. Hallie Jackson is 34 years old

She’s made remarkable progress in climbing the ladder of success in her chosen profession. At the age of 34, Hallie has already been named NBC News’s Chief White House correspondent. This is quite a privilege and an honor that many correspondents would give their eye teeth for, but Ms. Jackson has earned the position with her quality delivery of important news stories. She was born in Yardsley, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1984. Her full name is Hallie Marie Jackson and her parents are David and Heidi Jackson.

2. She is a Johns Hopkins Grad

Hallie attended school at Pennsbury High School, where she graduated in 2002. She didn’t take time off from her studies and went directly into college. She was accepted for admissions into the prestigious Johns Hopkins University where she pursued her undergraduate studies in the political science program. She successfully fulfilled all the requirements and even graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the institution in 2006, with her BA degree.

3. She landed her first job right after graduation

Jackson graduated from college in 2006 and this was the same year that she launched her career in journalism. She joined the WBOC-TV team in Salisbury, Maryland and also worked at their station in Dover, Delaware. She worked for the television network until 2008, after two years, leaving for a new job in Hartford and New Haven for the WFSB station. She remained employed there until 2012 having spent the first six years of her career at smaller stations getting the experience that she would need to move on to bigger and better opportunities in the near future.

4. She got a break in 2012

Jackson secured a job with the Hearst Corporation in 2012. This was a big break for her emerging career as a journalist as she reported for a total of 26 stations under the umbrella of the Hearst Corporation and received some very good exposure to the public, plus the stations happened to be from Washington DC. She worked for the company for just two years before moving on to the next and very important phase of her career.

5. She went to work for NBC in 2014

Hallie Jackson has only been employed at NBC News for 5 years. In this short period of time, she has risen to a very important position with the station. The area that she reports on is one of the most pivotal in the industry because she’s keeping the world informed of what is happening at the White House. She started her job as a reporter and journalist and was privileged to cover the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. She served in the capacity of an embedded reporter until 2016. She was made anchor of teh MSNBC Live news program which was a step up for her. She served in this capacity until January of 2017 when she was named as NBC’s Chief White House correspondent. She made a time slot change in her role as an anchor of the news from 1 PM to 10 AM.

6. Hallie Jackson has some exciting news of her own

Hallie recently shared some news that has made her very happy and excited. She recently disclosed that she is pregnant and that she and her significant other Frank Thorp are both excited about the prospect of being parents. She shared her news in a fun and whimsical way by producing a family Christmas card that shows her holding up baby clothing in a photo on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist’s Sunday Mail” segment.”

7. She went over and above in her early career

Hallie Jackson advanced quickly in her career in journalism because she went above what was expected or required of her. When she was following the campaign trail she kept her eyes and ears open and consistently snagged exclusive interviews with Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. She was on top of all breaking developments and she worked tirelessly to get the scoop fast and report on the facts.

8. She earned a reputation during the Trump Campaign

Jackson is known by her colleagues in the journalism and news industry as being a versatile journalist who is also very hard-working. Although she has a specific focus these days, reporting on all things White House, she has the ability to get inside of a variety of different stories. She’s good at conducting interviews and she knows how to mine for the facts that most viewers have an interest in knowing.

9. You can follow her on Instagram

If you’re interested in keeping up on what’s trending in her life, you can follow Hallie Jackson on her Instagram account. She has made 254 posts so far. She is following 157 and she has over 53,000 followers. You can also find her reveal photo her that shows Hallie and her boyfriend making the announcement of the pending birth of their child.

10. She is a rising star

Hallie Jackson has paid her dues and worked hard to arrive at the position that she currently occupies. She is at the pinnacle of her career t the age of 34 but she’s really just beginning. We expect to see her continue to blossom in her bright future with NBC.

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