Guy Fieri Signs a $50 Million Deal at Food Network

Guy Fieri Signs a $50 Million Deal at Food Network

Guy Fieri Signs a $50 Million Deal at Food Network

Chefs tend to come and go in the business and some of them get recognized for what they do, but some of them manage to etch their names in the history books in a manner that makes them hard to miss. Guy Fieri is quickly becoming one of those individuals since thanks to the deal he recently signed with the Food Network he’s now going to be pulling down $80 million over the next few years, which is a huge jump from where he was, to begin with. Known for his style and his flair, Guy spent a good part of the last decade as a big name, but not always as someone that people were willing to acknowledge as THE biggest name on the network. As of now he’s the guy that a lot of people know about and a lot of people have decided to look up to since not only is he among the highest-paid people on the network, if not ‘the’ highest-paid, he’s also someone that people recognize as being willing to help out when it’s needed. During the pandemic, he did what he could to ensure that restaurant workers kept getting paid when countless establishments were forced to shut down thanks to COVID, and he was instrumental in getting several donations that made this happen. Some would love to sit back and say that this was all for publicity and to make him look better to those he was trying to impress, but there are plenty of others who say the opposite since they state that Guy is the type of person that enters the room and changes the atmosphere in a very positive manner, bringing a new energy to the space that livens everything up in a way that makes people want to interact and come together in a meaningful way.

About the only way to dispute this would be to go behind the scenes and see what’s really going on with Fieri when the cameras are off, but even then a lot of people have said that he’s simply a nice guy that wants to help people out and, of course, go as far as his career will take him. There’s no doubt that part of his campaign to get people paid was to help make himself look like the good guy since to be fair, a lot of us might do the same. But while that might be present, it was definitely overshadowed by Guy’s need to help those that are in many ways essential to America since they do provide a service and needed a bit of help. There are always bound to be naysayers when it comes to anything in life, especially since in show business there’s always something worth doubting, whether it’s the genuine nature of a person or the acts they undertake. With a camera on hand it’s even harder to take anyone seriously, but what people need to try and remember is that during the pandemic, a lot of people were panicking, worrying about their bottom line, and what might happen unless they started laying off employees to save money. It’s a harsh world we live in, but those that Guy was able to go to in order to secure funds for those that he was seeking to help did so for their own reasons, but also to do a bit of good. There might be some folks that want to say that the handout wasn’t much, but it was more money than they would have been given if someone didn’t try to help them. Doubting a celebrity’s intentions and sincerity is pretty common, and it’s something that people tend to not take at face value, but in this instance, Guy was doing what he could for others and it was obviously noticed.

Hearing the kind of money that he’s going to be making is bound to make some people envious and even a little jealous. Some folks might even say that he’s not worth it and that if he’s sincere he should donate the majority of his upcoming salary to helping those without jobs or those that are in need. Given his track record thus far it’s fair to state that Guy could very well be thinking charitable thoughts, or he could be thinking of his career at this point. It doesn’t really matter, to be honest since Guy has been working diligently on his career over the years and has done what he needed to do in order to get paid. Those that want to be envious and jealous might need to remind themselves that no matter how overpaid some folks might appear to be, they convinced someone that they’re worth the money, and hating on them isn’t going to change that fact. Guy Fieri is a good example to think of when a person wants something and is dedicated to getting it.

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