Guilt Season Finale Review: Who Killed Molly?


10 weeks of twists, some not so subtle, and an endless train of bad behavior following the brutal murder of Molly Ryan have lead to this. We met a young Irish girl who for all her mistakes, did not deserve to be stabbed so violently. Everyone in her orbit was a suspect, specifically her roommate and best friend Grace Atwood. It’s now been confirmed that Grace did not kill Molly. Now finally Guilt answers the question of the summer: Who Killed Molly Ryan?

To recap, last week’s reveal that Prince Theo was the one who got Molly pregnant did not go over well. Though the majority think these claims are ludicrous, it doesn’t matter. His name has been associated and the damage has been done to his reputation. It doesn’t help that he hasn’t personally refuted the claims, or that he called Kaley immediately for some ‘relief’. Desperate for a life away from London with Patrick, Kaley agreed to go to the prince one last time. While she prepares for this last job she is unaware her boyfriend is preparing for the same meeting, just with a rifle in hand.

Kaley does what she has to do, and so does the prince’s bodyguard Philip. Living your life to clean up other people’s messes takes its toll, which is why Philip takes the prince’s fiancee straight to his meeting with Kaley. It gives Patrick, who is on the opposite roof, a clean shot at the prince. In the end he just can’t do it. Why then does the prince end up with a bullet in his chest? Well that was courtesy of Patrick’s cousin, who doesn’t care about Molly’s murder, just punishing the crown in honor of their country’s cause.

Grace wakes up the morning of her verdict much the same the morning Molly’s body was found. She has this look on her face, the one we all have when we’re not quite yet awake so our consciousness is still trying to catch up to our body. Yet there’s a quieter instinct that knows something is wrong. Which is why she made a deal with her prison transport driver to escape. When she realizes doing so means never seeing her sister again, Grace changes her mind and comes up with a cover story to protect her misbegotten driver.

You know I’d prepared for the prince’s bodyguard Philip to be Molly’s killer. After all, he had no problem killing Neville for being a witness. Natalie, Bruno, and Stan wait in desperation for evidence tying the prince to Molly’s murder and the murder of another high-profile woman. Theo’s DNA isn’t on the body, but Luc’s is.  Luc killed Molly so that she couldn’t tell anyone about his previous murder of a former client, since he too was a prostitute. He gives a full confession, leads the police to evidence, then kills himself. In light of the evidence Gwen drops the charges. She is devastated to know how wrong she was, but at least she served justice. Partly.

Yes, Luc definitely killed Molly; there’s no contesting that. However his confession means nothing without the real motive. Luc killed Molly because Roz was blackmailing him with his previous murder. It turns out Roz was in love with Molly and couldn’t stomach her being in love with anyone else. Grace is less than understanding when she figures it all out. That’s the nicest way to describe her rage as she bludgeons Roz to death, just as Natalie walks in. Grace is a killer after all. It’s why everyone was so willing to believe it. It wasn’t just the shoddy story, the incriminating evidence, or Grace’s partying lifestyle. There was something in her that was capable.

Oh, and apparently Stan is the father of the blogger he was trying to help get ahead with scoop from the trial.

Did Guilt live up to your satisfactions? Was there a particular storyline or character you would like to continue to see should the series being renewed?

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