Why Grey’s Anatomy “Family Affair” Was Its Best Finale Ever

Why Grey’s Anatomy “Family Affair” Was Its Best Finale Ever

Who could have predicted that Season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” would present the best finale of the entire duration of the program. Fans are welcome to disagree, but what more could you have possibly wanted in a finale? The episode was so fully loaded that it kept you on the edge off your seat until the very end. Here’s why we believe that “Grey’s Anatomy: Family Affair” was the best finale of the show.

The finale that set the standard

Of course “Greys Anatomy” just had to include a new revelation that let us in on a secret that had a dynamic impact. Check! Then we had the runaway bride. Check again! The stork made his appearance for an “aww” moment and to complete the episode, the audience was privileged to see the beginning of a new love triangle.

A proposal to make a baby followed the unveiling of the secret

Jo gave Alex the surprise of his life when he stopped by her place to pick up some clothing. Out of the blue, she exclaimed, “Let’s make a baby!” She mistakenly thought that this offer would prove her love and commitment to him, but that wasn’t what he intended when he asked her to marry him. Alex took the suggestion poorly and instead of being happy, he went off on her and stormed off in a huff. Joe revealed to Andrew that the reason she couldn’t marry Alex was because she was already married. Of course she had a good explanation. It seems she was in hiding from her estranged husband and was afraid if she started divorce proceedings, he would find and abuse her some more. This was quite a secret, but wit, there’s more. It seems that Jo isn’t even her real name.

A jump to the wrong conclusion

Alex of course walked in just as Andrew had innocently configured himself in a compromising position. The fireworks was exciting to say the least. You couldn’t blame him for being angry. The situation looked bad and Karev turned the event into a slug-fest with DeLuca getting the worst end of it. Yes, there was plenty of crazy situations that were loaded with drama. The complications between Alex and Jo seem to grow as the days go by, and the finale of the season was the perfect time to bring the secrets out. It’s too bad for Andrew hat Alex’s entrance was not so well-timed.

Wedding drama

April was filling the position of best man for Owen, but when she arrived at the church, she discovered that she had forgotten the wedding rings. Thankfully, Ben had just arrived so she caught a lift with him back to Meres to get the bands. Just as she found the rings, April went into heavy labor. She didn’t think there was time to get to the hospital, so she asked him to deliver the baby right there. When he began to examine her, there was another dramatic twist. He discovered that the baby was coming, but it was in a breech position. Could this situation possibly had any more twists and turns? In the end, mother and baby were fine. April welcomed her baby girl into the world for an “aww” moment that came after the tension from the climactic scene abated.

New love?

When Mer ran into Nathan, he had one thing on his mind. The two bantered about their sexual relationship but in the end, both agreed that they were only friends. Nevermind the fact that they had fling that consisted of sex four times, and this was all in one night. We’re not quite sure where this relationship is headed. Could it be lover? well, we know it’s lust for certain. Only time will tell. One thing is for certain. Season twelve of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with a bang and it was one of the most amazing season closers they’ve had to date!

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