Grey’s Anatomy 10.10 Review: “Somebody That I Used To Know”


By now it’s a well-known fact that Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. But if you haven’t read some of the countless articles about it, then you’ve probably noticed with each passing episode Christina Yang is becoming more and more ostracized. She gets to see Owen kiss Emma, in some seriously inappropriate work place PDA. She and Meredith continue to go toe to toe, and in a switch from a previous argument from this season, Meredith slams Christina’s god complex. There’s even a scene where Owen tells Meredith he’s good with Christina coming over for Thanksgiving only for us to see what is obviously an internal contemplation in Meredith to not invite her.

Meredith and Christina have been friends since day one, and it’s been difficult to see how they are slowly growing apart. It happens, but to see such a harsh chasm form between the two is rough- their chemistry as friends has always been a focal point and its disappointing to know we are going to lose that relationship in what is shaping up to be an aggressive departure. Christina had offers from everywhere when she passed her boards, I’m not worried about her career. It’s her personal life I’m more concerned with.

Bailey continues to have trimmers in her hands, and Ben tells her she needs to talk to psych. He confides in Derek about it only to be told that Derek has to report it because he’s on the board of the hospital. After allowing Bailey the choice to take a few days to get herself together, we see her ignore Ben and go into surgery. She is told to step away, and when she refuses the start to move her instruments to show her OCD. I’m not entirely sure what caused this sudden onset, considering that it is possible to have severe onset OCD from trauma, but this seemed pretty sudden. We had moved past her infecting patients, so I’m not sure what started this. I only know that seeing a vulnerable Bailey is like a punch to the gut- it’s just doesn’t sit well.

In Callie and Arizona’s world, we see Arizona wake up on the couch back at their home and some awkward breakfast type conversation. As their day goes on find that both Callie and Arizona are going to have a case with Leah making for some cringe worthy moments. Arizona admits to Callie that she was with someone, but doesn’t name Leah, and as Callie asks questions we see that she is trying to come to terms with it. However, after Leah makes a mistake in the OR and Arizona sticks up for her it becomes obvious to Callie it was Leah her wife had slept with. She grows angry, but at the same time later understands that they were separated. Arizona requests to sleep in the same and Callie agrees, but we see Leah crying in a stair case over the situation.

I always thought Leah was pretty heartless, but it turns out she is overly attached to Arizona. It makes no sense and I don’t like how we’ve not even seen Leah and Arizona kiss. I’m love how we get equality of drama in the lesbian relationship. But what I don’t like is how we have seen nothing of Leah and Arizona except various states of undress around one another. There has been no touching and that’s just not realistic to me.

I will give this episode kudos for bring in a triad relationship. I never understood polyamory, and I still don’t, but to see a dying wife try and find a new girlfriend for her lover as her husband helps is just bazaar. But a triad was also in the news lately so it’s not like it’s totally out there. I mean, Izzy spent a season seeing a ghost. This is not the weirdest thing to come out of the show. Not by a long shot.

[Photo via Kelsey McNeal/ABC]

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